Current Healing Offerings from Okinawa, Japan

Here are a list of my current remote offerings from Okinawa, Japan. If you would like to schedule a session, kindly fill out the contact form at the bottom of my homepage or email me at: Thank you! I look forward to being of kind and compassionate service to you from my current home in Okinawa, Japan.
*Remote Mystic Medicine Healing ~ 1 hr.

A high vibration distance healing guided by your spirit guides and guardians for relaxation, energy clearing, light body activation, and channeled guidance for your ultimate health, well-being, and highest good. Offered from & with the support of the mystical land of Okinawa, Japan, and ancestor spirits. Multi-dimensional icaros songs + Reiki + oracle card readings are included. This session is given over the phone or internet.

M - F & Sun: 6 - 10pm EST


* These sessions can also be given in groups

Distance Light Reiki session ~ 30min.

Relax at home while energies of Love and light are sent your way to clear and realign your vibrational frequencies for your health, wellness, and highest good. Much like a Remote Mystic Medicine Healing session with oracle card readings, but without icaros songs or spoken transmission. Text or email communication is given before and after the session.


Personal Reiki Rx & Daily Ritual

This is a list of hand positions and any other instruction channeled from spirit especially for you to deepen your personal healing and/or Reiki self-practice. Please see this blog post for an example of a Reiki Rx!


Collective Reiki Blessing

In this collective blessing, I send you high vibration distance Reiki as you continue on your healing journey. My intention is that you feel loved and energetically supported to live in ease, health, abundance and joy.

$7 per day

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