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Awaken with gentle touch

Olivea Kazumi Shure

 My spiritual awakening began at the age of 21 in southern California at Soka University of America, the university established by my lifelong spiritual mentor, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda. The day after a ceremony where I received my personal Buddhist mandala, I sat alone in my room which was situated on a hilltop overlooking canyons of preserved Native American land, and I began chanting to my mandala the mantra Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, the ultimate teaching of the Mystic Law. After chanting for about 10 minutes, a feeling of profound appreciation started to well up within me and through the chanting, I felt myself bow to my parents with tremendous gratitude for giving me life. I felt all my pain, anger, and resentment transform into love and light and the mandala itself turned into a golden light that was so bright it simultaneously shocked and awed me. I fell back from the intensity of the light and began crying tears of joy. I intuitively knew that this was the light of my soul being reflected back to me, the light of my I AM presence, initiating me into my soul's purpose in the world.


Shortly after that experience, I applied for a passport and for the first time left the U.S. and traveled to Japan to meet my spiritual mentor. I traveled to many countries after that including Okinawa, Japan, Italy, India, Peru, Mexico, France, England and all around the U.S. learning and strengthening my connection to the land, the divine, and the people. 

After graduating I moved to NYC and underwent 10 years of rigorous training before opening my first healing practice in the Flatiron District. After a year, I moved my practice to Greenwich Village, and am now set up in my dream sanctuary and healing space in the heart of the East Village.


Establishing a healing practice in NYC was a natural next step to helping people connect with their inner light leading them to their own spiritual awakening. Here I bring and offer all that I've learned from my soul-led travels and from my medicine master teachers whom I work with daily, and share them in a sanctuary of love and light that's untouched by space and time. As a shaman and medicine woman, I channel and offer medicine from the spirit world to align the mindbodyheart with its highest consciousness and calling. I call it Mystic Medicine because its power to transform poison into medicine aligns with the multi-dimensionality and truth of the Mystic Law which permeates all phenomena.

Reiki with Olivea Shure
Healing with a gentle touch.
reiki with olivea
Medicine Song Healing Ceremony
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