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Medicine Song Healing Ceremonies combine the gentleness of Reiki and the focused clearing of shamanic healing in a quiet, safe, and serene sacred space in Manhattan's East Village.


In these ceremonies we come together to share in sacred resonance, receive ancient medicine, and heal one another.  

Songs are channeled from spirit world as frequencies to upgrade the light body of each person. Songs are sung to the group as well as to each individual, so everyone benefits from the collective healing. This shared sacred resonance and energetic adjustment fosters the heart-opening healing power of community. Individual attention and hands-on energy clearing is also given to each participant throughout the ceremony. 

Space is limited to 10 people, so reserving your spot in advance is highly recommended!



relaxation and peace

"The first Reiki session I had with Olivea was in a group setting where she held space and offered Reiki for me and four other people. The session was an hour long and by the end of it I felt such a great sense of relaxation and peace. It was hard to get me out of the space :) but as I walked home, I felt so easeful and relaxed… like my body remembered a time when it wasn’t being bombarded by all the hard surfaces and expectations we put upon ourselves- especially here in NYC. I was able to just see the world as it happening, without getting caught in thoughts and worries about what I was doing tomorrow or how things would turn out in the future." 

i feel refreshed

"The Medicine Song Ceremony helped me accept myself and my life a bit more. I feel refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes."