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Each month you, your family, and friends are invited to receive a gentle and deeply restorative 30 min. distance Reiki treatment for a fraction of the cost of a private session.


Community clinics are a shared experience (1 - 7 people per session time) with warm and focused attention given to each person throughout by Olivea and her Reiki 2 student practitioners.

Reiki Fund Assistance

Every cent earned from these virtual Reiki clinics goes towards a Reiki Fund to assist someone else in need. So each time you pay for a session for yourself you're automatically contributing to someone else's healing. If you'd like to support someone to receive a Reiki session for their emotional, mental, and /or physical well-being sans receiving a session for yourself you're welcome to give this gift by donating directly to our Reiki Fund. 




Upcoming virtual Community Reiki Clinics: 

January 22nd, 2023

February 19th, 2023

March 12th, 2023

April 16th, 2023

May 28th, 2023

available session times are

7p, 7:35p, or 8:05p EST

(you can receive 1, 2, or all 3 sessions)

each session is a $36 gift 

Kindly reach out to reserve a spot with your desired time(s) from above.  


*If you're in need of assistance, please apply for our Reiki Fund here.* 

All payments and donations can be made via PayPal and Venmo@ Olivea-Shure.


Thank you very much!

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