Medicine Films

These films created in collaboration with NYC-based filmmakers and photographers carry heart-centered light language transmissions through the dancing and icaros, or medicine singing. You will receive the transmissions as you watch. Enjoy!

'Olivea Medicine Woman' is a documentary short film directed by filmmaker Catjia Rehkamp. The music was added post-production. Music: "Love Within" performed by Tina Turner, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, and Sawani Shende. This film was an official selection in the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival for Best Women’s Film.

The following is a series of guided meditation with icaros, or medicine songs, that have been channeled to transmute lower vibratory energies into higher frequencies within the body and mind. These songs were sung for the collective and are very powerful. They are infused with Reiki and distance energy healing so nothing more to do but relax and receive this sacred spirit medicine. 

It's recommended that you find a quiet comfortable place to listen with headphones, as many times as needed.

Films created by Amy Leonard

Scene from 'Olivea Medicine Woman' filmed by YaoYao Wu:

The following medicine films are from a solo 5-day vision quest journey in Sedona, AZ:

The following were filmed by Catjia Rehkamp in NYC:

The following are more artistic in nature but also incorporate healing in the movement quality. These film shorts were directed and edited by Laura Lamp and filmed on 16mm film by Kevin Tadge.