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My approach to healing is unique and is not your typical Reiki session. I call this signature approach to healing Mystic Medicine Healing which combines Reiki, shamanic and intuitive healing for a rich multi-sensory experience filled with ritual and comfort. 


Each session includes:

  • Tea ceremony with herbal tea from Okinawa, Japan. 

  • Sound healing with my icaros, or medicine singing, which are channeled sound frequencies that are unique for each person. These songs are sung to you throughout your treatment and carry very specific medicine you need from spirit.

  • Shamanic clearing is practiced throughout this healing journey. As a shaman I connect to spirit to bring light to the energy body to diffuse un-useful patterns.

  • Intuitive healing that's neither Reiki nor shamanic. It comes from higher realms and is carefully shared with you throughout your session.

  • Intuitive guidance is given after each treatment. These are channeled messages to encourage greater awareness and sense of ease and to help integrate the medicine of the treatment into your daily life. These intuitive messages often include spiritual teachings.

My deeply immersive approach to healing gracefully weaves a variety of practices into the body, mind and spirit to strengthen the energy body and open the heart to one's own higher knowing.

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