Reiki 1 - Becoming your Own Healer Next Live Virtual Class: 



In this introductory class, you'll learn the basics of Reiki healing as a component to spiritual practice for ease and fulfillment in your daily life. You'll receive four (4) Reiki attunements which will connect you to Reiki healing energy for your entire life.

We will be learning about the healing art of Reiki, meditation techniques, various ways to allow Reiki healing to enhance daily life, such as sending Reiki to food and water, self-healing, and how to give Reiki healing to others. This will be a weekend of healing and retreat to bring ease and calm to the body, heart, and soul.


Read students' experiences here

Included, for the first time, is a 30 min. personal follow-up call for additional individual mentoring and healing with Olivea (a $95 value). Available 90 days post class. 

Class will be taught live on Zoom. Space is limited to 10 students to ensure a safe and intimate healing experience for all. 















Some things you'll be investing in with this class: 

~ a weekend of healing retreat

~ the ability to heal yourself and those near and dear of emotional, mental, and physical pain

~ a healing tool that will be with you for the rest of your life

~ a way to help heal chronic illness and bring calm to the nervous system

~ techniques and ritual to enhance spiritual practice & well-being

~ a way to earn additional income by giving professional Reiki healing sessions

~ learning and receiving healing alongside like-minded individuals in a safe space

~ ongoing mentoring with Olivea

~ access to online Community Reiki Self-Practices (for students only) & private FB community page for ongoing encouragement and support

..and much more! 

Class Schedule

1st day, Thursday:     7 - 9pm (all EST)

2nd day, Friday:        7 - 9pm

3rd day, Saturday:    6 - 9pm

4th day, Sunday:       6 - 9pm

Why learn Reiki with Olivea ~ a message from the teacher

While being a Reiki master teacher, I remain a humble student of Reiki who is continually guided by Reiki to heal every aspect of my life.  


Since beginning my own Reiki business in my little Manhattan studio apartment in 2012, I've transformed so much personally and professionally that by 2018 I was living my dream life in New York City. I was a single woman with a full time healing business, living on my own in the West Village, with my own extraordinary healing space (as big as my apartment!) on St. Mark's Place, while also having the time and resources to travel around the world anytime I wanted. It was a long journey from where I came from, which was the south, surrounded by a constant whirlwind of debt, lack, and extreme mental strain. My house wasn't a warm loving place, but instead was filled with domestic violence, and unconscious emotional and psychological abuse from morning to night. Coming home felt like returning to a torture chamber or a prison. The strain was literally back breaking that at 15 I underwent an emergency high risk (and very invasive) spinal surgery that left me with a steel rod fused into my spinal column and physical and physiological scars for life. I was plagued with constant thoughts of suicide and was clinically depressed taking strong anti-depressants just to get through the days. But through it all a constant thought, or maybe a pinhole ray of hope?, called out from the deep recesses of my mind: Things will get better.   


When I was 19, and brave enough, I left home for college, and eventually a humble dream of becoming a modern dancer led me to NYC. Within 10 years time I danced and performed all around the city in reputable theaters and performance spaces, collaborated with other artists, even choreographed and performed my own dances, learned Reiki, was married to a musician for 5 years, divorced, had 7 jobs and 3 failed business ventures before starting what I still call Reiki with Olivea. I consider that decade as my big training, with the city as my constant teacher, before being able-minded enough to hold big healing spaces for others.    

Once I dedicated myself full time to my healing path, I was able to quickly move into bigger and brighter healing offices, and apartments, after about a year in each until I landed in my dream spaces. 

In 2017 I began teaching Reiki to others because, essentially, that's what Reiki guided me to do, and it naturally felt like the next level of my own Reiki practice. And every time I taught a class I felt the Japanese culture that surrounded Reiki and my own Japanese ancestry call out to me like unseen arms reaching out to embrace me wholeheartedly. In 2018 I traveled to Japan for the first time with my mom and sister for vacation. During this time we visited Okinawa, Japan my mom's birthplace, and I felt my heart open to this land and its people in a bold new way. The next year, in 2019, I moved to Okinawa, feeling guided by Reiki into this next chapter of life in Japan.  

I never imagined my life as it is now, which feels like living a heaven on earth every single day. I also never imagined or knew the absolute luxury of being guided through life, especially during my dark adolescence in Georgia when waking up felt like a punishment. But Reiki has given me so much, and continues to give in unexpectedly loving ways, as I continue my commitment to healing myself. 


My ultimate intention as a Reiki master teacher is to share this gentle yet powerful healing art with the same heart-centered integrity of its founder, Dr. Mikao Usui, to help the most people in this modern age. And as a woman who's been through a lot! I hope that my experiences can encourage and inspire my students in all the ways they need.


While I'm also a shamanic healer, I believe Reiki to be the most easily accessible and safest form of healing out there. Even a child can learn and give Reiki to others without worry. And once you learn it, whether you practice it or not, you'll have it for life. Reiki has been a valuable constant on my personal healing journey, and I'm confident it can help many on theirs' as well.


Each class is organized and specifically designed for my students' highest healing. This is how I conduct my one-on-one Mystic Medicine Healing sessions and group ceremonies (my signature healing method that combines Reiki and shamanic healing), and this class is very much an extension of those sessions. I give focused and individual attention to each student, and even send healing to each before, during, and after the class is over. In this way, students receive so much more than Reiki training in my classes. Some students repeat classes for the additional training and mentorship, while others return for the potent soul medicine. Read more about student's experiences here

I've designed this live virtual class to feel like a mystical weekend of healing retreat for heart, body, and soul. 

It's a blessing to be of service and to hold this special space for you to become your own healer and transform all that ails into your most potent medicine for a happy and fulfilling life. 


If you feel guided to learn Reiki with me, I look forward to meeting and welcoming you!
























Tuition Investment


$444 for each new student

$222 for returning students 

Virtual class special offer~

$777 for those residing in the same household (3 + people are welcome)*! 


A nonrefundable deposit of $222 is required to register and secure your spot. Space is limited to 10 students to ensure a safe and intimate healing experience for all.* 



Reiki 2 Class -

Deepening Spiritual Practice w/ Reiki 


Reiki 2 is for those practitioners interested in deepening their spiritual practice with Reiki. We will delve further into the alchemy of energy healing, allowing Reiki to guide the way. 


In this class students will learn symbols to direct Reiki over distance. Students will receive one additional attunement in sacred ceremony.


1st day,  Friday:           7 - 9pm

2nd day, Saturday:      6 - 9pm

3rd day,  Sunday:        6 - 9pm

Cost: $555

~ Prerequisite: Reiki 1 class with Olivea + participation in (2) two Community Reiki Practices

~ Deposit of $333 is required to register and secure your spot, or you can pay in full. Space is limited to 10 students. 



Healing for Healers Series


In these classes we focus on righting any wounded aspects in our minds and bodies in order to step more soundly into being fully healed healers vs. wounded healers. Each class focuses on a major energy gateway or chakra and its corresponding meaning and influence in our daily lives. It's highly recommended that you are Reiki 1 attuned to attend these classes, however you don't need to be attuned by me. Each class will end with a Reiki healing circle where we will bring united focus and intention from the class into shared sacred healing space for one another. 


Here's a general outline for each class:


Class 1: Root ~ Clear dis-ease from our foundations for financial and emotional stability.

Class 2: Sacral ~ Process "untouched" emotions to let go of what no longer serves us.

Class 3: Solar ~ Focus on the power of personal will for manifestation and gently opening to greater personal awareness. Divine Masculine.

Class 4: Heart ~ Heal aspects connected to "too much" or "not enough" thinking, clear addictive behavior, and step into soul's knowing. Divine Feminine.

Class 5: Throat ~ Open to divine expression, and speaking our truth. 

Class 6: Third Eye ~ Gain intuition and inner sight to clearly see ourselves and others without judgement and acceptance.

Class 7: Crown ~ Connect with the light of transcendental awareness and understanding our higher selves. 

Dates: TBA 

Sunday, 6 - 9p

$150/ class

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