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Reiki 1 - Live Virtual Class & Healing Retreat taught from Okinawa, Japan


In this introductory class, you'll learn the basics of Reiki as a component to spiritual practice and as a method of healing for greater ease and fulfillment in your daily life. You'll receive four (4) Reiki attunements which will connect you to Reiki for your entire life.

We will be learning about the Japanese folk healing art of Reiki, meditation techniques, various ways to allow Reiki to enhance daily life, such as sending Reiki to food and water, self-healing, and how to give Reiki to others. This will be 5 days of healing and retreat to bring ease and calm to the body, heart, and soul.


"I’m grateful for the incredible experience that the group provided! I truly believe that we couldn't have asked for a better instructor, even if Mikao Usui were alive & able to teach us himself. It felt like each individual in our group was so uniquely amazing in different ways, yet our group was also so cohesive & unified despite most of us being unfamiliar with each other.  I feel tremendously blessed to have been a part of this amazing group & I look forward to us all getting together again one day to reunite & share all of our new experiences with each other." 

Class will be taught live on Zoom. Space is limited to 7 students to ensure a safe and intimate healing experience for each. 













Some things you'll be investing in with this class: 

~ a week of healing retreat within the "Reiki Bubble" for the heart, body, and spirit

~ the ability to heal emotional, mental, and physical pain or illness for yourself and loved ones

~ a healing ability that's yours to use for the rest of your life

~ a way to help heal chronic illness and bring calm & gentleness to the mind and nervous system

~ techniques and ritual to enhance spiritual practice & well-being

~ learn to give professional Reiki sessions to others

~ learning and receiving healing alongside like-minded souls in a safe & emotionally nurturing space

~ ongoing mentoring with Olivea

~ access to our monthly virtual Reiki practices (for students only) & private FB community page for ongoing encouragement and support

..and so much more! 

Sample Class Schedule - all EST

1st day, Thurs:     7 - 9pm

2nd day, Fri:        7 - 9pm

3rd day, Saturday:    6 - 9pm

4th day, Sunday:      6 - 9pm

5th day, Monday:   7 - 9pm

Why learn Reiki with Olivea ~ a message from the teacher

As a medicine woman and shaman I made the conscious decision to also teach Reiki because it has personally given me so much and also because it's so easy to do and gentle to the nervous system. Reiki is something anyone can learn in one class and give to themselves, friends and family for stress relief, relaxation, and emotional healing for the rest of their lives. You don't need to be a healer or even subscribe to a spiritual way of life to practice Reiki. Anyone (even children) can learn and use Reiki to feel better and allow more SPACE for healing into all areas of their life. 


Before learning Reiki I poignantly remember struggling to care for my mother while she was sick with cancer, and how I wished with all my might for something I could offer her to at the very least simply feel better. When I learned Reiki about a year later, I was sure it was just what I'd been praying for. Not only was it something that I could give to my loved ones it was also something I was encouraged to give to myself daily to heal myself first. This was a profoundly empowering concept since I grew up believing that only doctors had the ability to heal or cure others. 

Slowly but surely I was able to feel lighter in all areas of my life, including relationships, finances, and I even felt emotionally and mentally healthier. It felt like a miracle, even though I knew deep down it was because I was practicing Reiki everyday and constantly deepening my practice. With my teacher's blessing, I opened a healing practice in Manhattan, and then was guided to become a Reiki Master Teacher some years later. 

When I began teaching Reiki, I immediately felt the Japanese culture that surrounded it, as well as my own buried Japanese heritage, reach or call out to me from the unknown in a way that piqued my curiosity. In 2018 I traveled to Japan and during this time visited Okinawa, a small island archipelago where my mother is from. When I returned to "the dream life" Reiki helped me create in NYC, I felt myself being undeniably guided to "keep going".  So in 2019, after living in NYC for 13 years, I followed my heart's guidance and made a bold move, to Okinawa, and have continued to teach classes virtually from here since. 

As an American living in Japan, I continue to humbly learn about Reiki through my experiences interacting with the land and culture that birthed it and also share these incredible nuances with my students. No matter where my students reside, I hope they can feel transported to Japan while also feeling and experiencing all the synchronicities and magic in their locale and daily life during our time together. 


My teaching style is an extension of how I hold space for Mystic Medicine Healing sessions (my signature offering that combines Reiki with shamanic healing) and so each class is also a full journey of the heart. Some students repeat classes for the additional training and mentoring, while others return for the potent soul "reset" that happens with each class journey. 



"The Reiki 1 course is a delight to complete, it is very much a healing retreat.  Olivea is a warm, passionate and knowledgeable guide.  Her love and deep respect for Reiki is quickly evident and is beautiful to experience.  I easily and wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone wishing to learn about Reiki and deepen connection with self.  It's an easy and powerful practice and one of the best decisions for self that I have made! I will continue to let Reiki guide me, thank you so much Olivea!!!💖"





















Tuition Investment:


$500 for each new student

$300 for returning Reiki with Olivea students only


Tuition is nonrefundable. Space is limited to 7 students to ensure a safe and intimate healing experience for each.* 



Reiki 2 Class -

Deepening Reiki Practice

Reiki 1 is all you need! Many students want to learn Reiki 2 thinking it's a "more advanced level" when in fact Reiki 1 is all you'll ever need to heal yourself and others. If you're in need of a refresher it's recommended to take Reiki 1 as a returning student since each class is unique and a healing journey all its own. Logic tells us that by taking a class again we are repearting the same thing, but with Reiki classes this is NEVER the case.


This Reiki 2 class is open for those practitioners who have completed Reiki 1 with Olivea, are guided to deepen their Reiki practice and would like to send Reiki over distance. It's generally advised to wait at least one year after completing Reiki 1 before diving into Reiki 2. 


We'll delve further into the alchemy of energy healing, allowing Reiki to guide the way. This live virtual class will have a similar structure as our Reiki 1 class journey with 5 days of healing retreat within our lovely "Reiki Bubble", and with additional references to Japanese culture for deeper understanding.


In this class students will learn symbols to send Reiki over distance. All students will receive one additional attunement in sacred ceremony.


"Reiki 2 with Olivea was a truly mystical experience. Olivea holds a space free of time and place, for upmost healing and learning. I learned, I cried, I laughed, I felt deep healing. Highly recommend for anyone looking to enhance their connection with Reiki."














"Every space Olivea invites you into is a beautiful and delightful experience.  The Reiki 2 bubble was an exquisite journey filled with sweet moments and wonderful synchronicities. The 5 days offers a wonderful weaving if you pay attention. There were several opportunities to practise which were incredibly helpful supported with Olivea's vast knowledge and deep care. There is so much available to us and Reiki 2 was a wonderful reminder of that. Thank you Olivea, I am so grateful to experience and deepen my connection to Reiki with you!💖"

Sample Class Schedule - all EST

1st day, Thursday:     7 - 9pm

2nd day, Friday:         7- 9pm

3rd day, Saturday:     6 - 9pm

4th day, Sunday:        6 - 9pm

5th day, Monday:       7 - 9pm

Tuition Investment


$600 for each new Reiki 2 student (must have completed Reiki 1 with Olivea)

$400 for returning Reiki 2 with Olivea students only

~ Prerequisites:

+ Reiki 1 class with Olivea

+ participation in at least (2) two Community Reiki Practices

+ at least one year between Reiki 1 & 2 classes

Tuition is nonrefundable. Space is limited to 7 students to ensure a safe and intimate healing experience for each.* 



Healing for Healers Series


In these classes we focus on righting any wounded aspects in our minds and bodies in order to step more soundly into being fully healed healers vs. wounded healers. Each class focuses on a major energy gateway or chakra and its corresponding meaning and influence in our daily lives. It's highly recommended that you are Reiki 1 attuned to attend these classes, however you don't need to be attuned by me. Each class will end with a Reiki healing circle where we will bring united focus and intention from the class into shared sacred healing space for one another. 


Here's a general outline for each class:


Class 1: Root ~ Clear dis-ease from our foundations for financial and emotional stability.

Class 2: Sacral ~ Process "untouched" emotions to let go of what no longer serves us.

Class 3: Solar ~ Focus on the power of personal will for manifestation and gently opening to greater personal awareness. Divine Masculine.

Class 4: Heart ~ Heal aspects connected to "too much" or "not enough" thinking, clear addictive behavior, and step into soul's knowing. Divine Feminine.

Class 5: Throat ~ Open to divine expression, and speaking our truth. 

Class 6: Third Eye ~ Gain intuition and inner sight to clearly see ourselves and others without judgement and acceptance.

Class 7: Crown ~ Connect with the light of transcendental awareness and understanding our higher selves. 

Dates: TBA 

Sunday, 6 - 9p

$150/ class

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