Reiki 1 Class & Meditation Retreat in Utuado, Puerto Rico

September 13th - 15th, 2019

In this Reiki meditation retreat we'll be immersed in the natural landscape among the serene and majestic mountains of Utuado, Puerto Rico. 

























In this introductory class, you'll learn the basics of Reiki healing as a component to spiritual practice for ease and fulfillment in your daily life. You'll receive four (4) Reiki attunements which will connect you to Reiki healing energy for your entire life. Each participant will learn about the healing art of Reiki in a relaxing environment that will promote natural healing. 

We will be learning Reiki meditation techniques, various ways to allow Reiki healing to enhance daily life, such as sending Reiki to food and water, self-healing, and how to give Reiki healing to others. This will be a weekend of healing and retreat to bring ease to the body, mind, and heart. 

1st day,  9/13 Friday:             6 - 9pm

2nd day, 9/14 Saturday:      10am - 6pm

3rd day,  9/15 Sunday:          1 - 5pm







We'll stay at the farmhouse on AJ Farm in Utuado, PR. The living space will be shared, with bunkbeds and space for sleeping bags indoors. You can also bring your own tent and camping gear for sleeping outdoors on the farm's 14 acres of land. All food will be provided throughout the weekend with delicious vegan options prepared on site by a local cook.  


























The cost is $444 which covers the cost of the class, food, and lodging. Airfare and transportation to and from the farm is not included. 

Deposit of $222 is required by September 9th to register and secure your spot. Space is limited to 10 students. 



Reiki 2 Class -

Deepening Spiritual Practice w/ Reiki 


Reiki 2 is for those practitioners interested in deepening their spiritual practice with Reiki. We will delve further into the alchemy of energy healing, allowing Reiki to guide the way. 


In this class students will learn symbols to direct Reiki over distance. Students will receive one additional attunement in sacred ceremony.


1st day,  Friday:             6 - 9pm

2nd day, Saturday:      10am - 6pm

3rd day,  Sunday:          1 - 5pm

Cost: $555

~ Prerequisite: Reiki 1 class with Olivea + participation in (2) two Community Reiki Clinics

~ Deposit of $333 is required to register and secure your spot, or you can pay in full. Space is limited to 10 students. 



Healing for Healers Series


In these classes we focus on righting any wounded aspects in our minds and bodies in order to step more soundly into being fully healed healers vs. wounded healers. Each class focuses on a chakra and its corresponding meaning and influence in our daily lives. It's highly recommended that you are Reiki 1 attuned to attend these classes, however you don't need to be attuned by me. Each class will end with a Reiki healing circle where we will bring united focus and intention from the class into shared sacred healing space for one another. 


Here's a general outline for each class:


Class 1: Root ~ Clear dis-ease from our foundations for financial and emotional stability.

Class 2: Sacral ~ Process "untouched" emotions to let go of what no longer serves us.

Class 3: Solar ~ Focus on the power of personal will for manifestation and gently opening to greater personal awareness. Divine Masculine.

Class 4: Heart ~ Heal aspects connected to "too much" or "not enough" thinking, clear addictive behavior, and step into soul's knowing. Divine Feminine.

Class 5: Throat ~ Open to divine expression, and speaking our truth. 

Class 6: Third Eye ~ Gain intuition and inner sight to clearly see ourselves and others without judgement and acceptance.

Class 7: Crown ~ Connect with the light of transcendental awareness and understanding our higher selves. 

Dates: TBA 

Sunday, 10a - 6p

$150/ class

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