Virtual Reiki 1 Class & Healing Retreat ~ Student Reviews

I'm really thrilled to have completed my first live virtual Reiki 1 class from Japan! It was a weekend full of Reiki, discussion, sharing, and plenty of healing. I designed it to feel like a weekend healing retreat even from the comfort of each person's home. Here's what some of the students thought about the class and healing retreat:

"Olivea’s Reiki class is so much more than a class, it is a healing experience all on its own. Through her own personal journey Olivea shares the power of Reiki, making it come alive as this beautiful relatable and even tangible thing (for something that is SO intangible, she makes it feel so real.) The class was set up with innate safety and acceptance among all the participants and that experience was carried out through the time we spent together. I have taken other Reiki classes before with other teachers and NONE were like this. Olivea even facilitated deep healings through the attunements in a way that was so unique and incredibly powerful. Even though this was a virtual class, the whole weekend felt like a retreat. Olivea is a special mystical being here on earth and all those who are able to learn from or receive healings from her are truly blessed and honored. I couldn’t recommend this class more!!"

“I loved everything! The personal connection to Olivea and all of the students. The safe space that was created. The incredible healing that took place continuously throughout these 72 hours, magic!”

“There is something absolutely magical and mystical about Olivea's Reiki I Class. The way Olivea presents the history and application of Reiki awakens the principles and beauty of the practice. I have so much love and appreciation for Olivea's Reiki classes (this is my second) and has definitely strengthened my connection with Reiki. I am so grateful for the special individuals I've met in my class as well, which is part of the mysticism of Olivea's Reiki I class-retreat. I feel like a blossoming flower!”

"I truly loved the class. The remote setting could have been difficult, but the love and vibrance that Olivea displayed for every minute of our 8 hours together truly brought us together. It truly felt like I was not in my apartment but yet, in a space with the entire class together."

"I love that the class was facilitated as a collective forum. The class allowed for much interaction with classmates and teacher, despite the 'distance'."

"I liked the community feeling. Even though we were all separated, it still felt like a group with the participation of all."

"I enjoyed every moment of this experience. Olivea is an incredible facilitator, guide and healer and I just feel so privileged and honored to be part of this group. I have been doing self Reiki since our class, and it has been incredible -- I feel so connected and aligned to myself and everything around me! I'm so grateful to Olivea and her work!"

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