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Embracing the Magic of Tanabata with Reiki, Ritual, and Dream Visioning

Tanabata-inspired Reiki tea ceremony

When I first learned about Tanabata it was at night in a Starbucks in New York City many many moons ago. I was meeting with an American composer who had just come back from living in Japan and he was swimming with ideas. I was sure he had just come from a happy hour somewhere, with one foot in the dream world and the other holding it down as he sipped his coffee and shared about his vision.

He wanted to gather an ensemble of musicians and two dancers to perform the story of Tanabata. The way he described everything, including the set, was very fantastical and lovely -- I was immediately on board. The project didn't come to fruition, however I believe the meeting's real purpose was to introduce me to the tale of Tanabata. At the time, I had just moved to NYC to pursue my modern dance dreams and little did I know then that there would be many collaborations with other artists after that would lead to performances throughout the city.

So when I came to Japan a few years ago I was overjoyed when July 7th came around and Tanabata trees started appearing in department stores and other community spaces, heavily adorned with wishes written on little pieces of paper that were hung on the trees like ornaments. It felt something like a mix between being at a Japanese shrine and Christmas. It was my first time to encounter its community aspect which reminded me so much of prayer trees in other ancient cultures. I excitedly embraced the spirit of it all and made a little tree for my home every year complete with origami lanterns and paper chains, and of course those little slips of paper.

I still feel the creative spark I felt all those years ago when I first learned about Tanabata, and I very much believe in the supportive power of community wishing trees, or rather the idea of a community supporting each others' wishes and desires coming true. So this year I wanted to offer a Reiki tea ceremony that would extend to participants the gentle transformative power of Reiki, enchantment of wishes and starlight originating from Japanese folklore, and a ritual with tea to ground and anchor us into the magic of the present moment. It's always brilliant to watch as our teas become elixirs of intention and as each sip nourishes our gardens of faith within.

Even though Tanabata is known as the Star Festival in Japan, with celebrations centered around making wishes, it's important to remember that when we make wishes, we must also have faith in their realization. When we hold a vision of what we desire or dream of, a dream vision, we lose nothing. Instead, we infuse our essence with the light of hope, making our hearts resonate with joy and possibility. In this space, Reiki can assist us as if by weaving light through our dreams, love, and fulfillment, bringing all together as one luminous tapestry.

As we gather beneath the wishing trees of our dreams, let us remember that the universe conspires in our favor when we dare to dream with an open heart. May Reiki and our tea ceremony help to open our hearts and may the spirit of Tanabata instill in us the courage to seek out our innermost wishes and have faith that every wish is like a star waiting to be born. I hope this ritual combined ever so slightly with aesthetics of Japanese tea ceremony (harmony, purity, and tranquility) can remind us that we are boundless and infinite like the universe itself.

What is it that you wish for?

Kindly reach out to join this Tanabata-inspired Reiki tea ceremony on July 7th 2024 @ 7pm EST by sending an email to . Thank you, and may all your wishes come true!


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