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Becoming the Reiki Kid

An article was recently posted on a wellness and lifestyle website on my healing offerings and the work I've been doing in Okinawa these past few years. It touches on my continual discovery of Yasashii Kokoro which literally means a kind heart in Japanese. To Okinawans this is more of a way of life that’s deeply rooted in honoring and maintaining a good relationship with ones ancestors. To say I’m inspired by how this way of life cultivates emotional health and mental power is a big understatement, I live in perpetual awe! The way of Yasashii kokoro also continues to teach me how to master the “Reiki hands” which I believe is a lifelong process. Learning and living in Okinawa and being taught by the culture and people (and my own spiritual connections) feels strangely like being Ralph Macchio’s character in The Karate Kid! The article doesn’t get into it but I’ll say here I’ve only recently begun to feel the emergence of budding delight becoming one with the laundry and dishes. My hands now move swiftly but gently on their own and without meaning to I lightly smile the entire time and can’t and don’t want to be anywhere else. Definitely becoming like "a Reiki Kid"!

Here's a link to the full article here.

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