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Awaken with gentle touch


Olivea Kazumi Shure


Hello and Welcome! 


I am a Reiki Master Teacher, spirit medicine shaman, and intuitive healer from NYC, currently living in Okinawa, Japan. As a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui System of Natural Healing as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui, I've helped countless people feel better with gentle touch. In 2017 I was further called to receive my shamanic initiation from Maestra Olivia Arévalo, a Shipibo-Conibo medicine woman, in the Peruvian Amazon.   ​

A session with me is multi-dimensional and mystic, warm and safe. I call my signature healing method Mystic Medicine Healing which includes relaxing Reiki, deep shamanic clearing and balancing light body activations, sound healing songs, intuitive energy readings, and always time for tea and discussion.


I promote this method of healing as a way to self-mastery, spiritual awakening, authentic embodiment, and ultimately allowing the body to, not only heal itself, but also to act as a fortified guidance system for living a happy life.


My sincere wish is that your body and mind flourishes with peace, ease, joy, abundance, and love...and in effect, you naturally enhance the world.


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Hello + Welcome!

Hello + Welcome!

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Thank you for your interest!  
Please note that all treatments are currently being offered in-person & remotely from Okinawa, Japan


Mystic Medicine Healing Ceremony - an in-person restorative experience

An in-person ceremony is 2 hours in a relaxing and beautiful sacred space in Okinawa, Japan.

*Price includes 1 night's stay at a local Okinawan Inn surrounded by Okinawa's natural healing energies for integration and calm restoration following your treatment (food and transportation not included, but can be arranged).

In this sacred ceremony for your soul, your mind and body will align with source consciousness beginning with a Reiki Tea Ceremony, followed by a Mystic Medicine Healing session ~ my signature combination of Reiki, shamanic healing, channelled song transmissions, and gentle guidance for integration.