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Awaken with gentle touch


Olivea Kazumi Shure


Hello and Welcome! 


I am a Reiki Master Teacher, spirit medicine shaman, and intuitive healer in NYC. As a certified Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing as taught by Dr. Mikao Usui, I've helped countless people feel better with gentle touch. I received my shamanic initiation from my Shipibo medicine woman teacher, Maestra Olivia, in the Amazon near Pucallpa, Peru.


During sessions and ceremonies I sing icaros or channeled sound frequencies from spirit that align the vibration of your energy body with source consciousness and your higher self.  ​

A session with me is multi-dimensional and mystic. It includes relaxing Reiki healing, deep shamanic clearing and balancing light body activations, sound healing icaros, and energy readings.


I promote this method of healing as a way to self-mastery, spiritual awakening, authentic embodiment, and ultimately allowing the body to, not only heal itself, but also to act as a fortified guidance system.  


My sincere wish is that your body and mind flourishes with peace, ease, joy, abundance, and love...and in effect, you naturally enhance the world.


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Mystic Medicine Healing - Initial Session

An initial visit is 2 hours and includes a consultation, Okinawan tea ceremony, Reiki, shamanic medicine song sound healing, energy clearing, and guidance for integration. You'll be laying on a warming far infrared amethyst biomat throughout. As you lay on this bed of crystals your body will naturally ground and detox from the far infrared heat. 

This session is a sacred ceremony for your mind and body to align with your soul's highest good. 


Distance Mystic Medicine Healing Session


 A distance healing session is similar to a regular session which includes Reiki and shamanic medicine singing but is offered remotely (without physical touch) for up to an hour via phone or skype. 



Indulge in this winter remedy with crystal healing on the warming amethyst BioMat. This FDA approved far infrared technology was discovered by NASA for cellular rejuvenation for the mind, body, spirit. Benefits include: soft tissue healing, increased immunity, blood pressure regulation, increased serotonin, pain relief, relaxation.

Total length of session is 45min.




Enliven, relax, and heal your mind, body, and spirit in this monthly community multi-sensory healing experience.  

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*Private* Medicine Song Healing Ceremony


The Awaken Program

 The Awaken Program is designed with 12 sessions at one to two sessions per week to naturally and effortlessly break through major blocks, for good. This is preferred for those who value their worth and intention to be plugged in, connected, and present.


The Awaken Program offers the highest level of care with the additional support of distance healing and Medicine Song Healing Ceremonies included at no extra charge.


Throughout these sessions, we work together as a team to revolutionize your life, from the inside out, by integrating new strategies into your energetic bodies that will enhance clarity of mind and improve health and well-being within the physical body. Your vibration will raise, naturally attracting abundance, ease, and joy into your life.  

This program is especially designed to help you naturally and effortlessly reveal your true gifts to share with others. Everyone's process will be different, however, here's what you can expect throughout the course of the program:



Relax - 3 sessions

- Quiet the mindbody, return to your still point or "home" base.


Heal - 6 sessions

- Careful attention given to specific areas that are in need of nurturing, touch, and balance.


Transform - 9 sessions

- Focused on your specific needs to bring about the results you want. Most conditions are chronic in nature and have been resistant to other attempts to heal. Here, we soften that resistance to bring ease into fulfilling your desired results.


Awaken - 12 sessions

- Moving towards permanently correcting dis-ease to return to oneness. Your body will awaken to your own heart-centered openness with gentle ecstatic rejuvenation to fully embody your authenticity and presence.

*Please note that August 31st, 2019 will be the last day for in-person sessions in NYC. Afterwards all sessions may be scheduled as distance healings.*

Private healing for couples and groups up to 15 people. Please fill out contact form to schedule.

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Reiki Classes & Healing for Healers Series

Become a certified Reiki practitioner to heal yourself and others. 

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