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Awaken with gentle touch


Reiki with Olivea


Hello and Welcome! 


My name is Olivea and I'm a Reiki Master, spirit medicine shaman, and intuitive healer from NYC, currently living in Okinawa, Japan.

A session with me combines Reiki with shamanic balancing for a multi-dimensional healing experience I call Mystic Medicine Healing. This way of healing develops one's personal power and stimulates the body's self-healing abilities.


My sincere wish is that your body and mind flourishes with peace, ease, joy, abundance, and Love!

Hello + Welcome!

Hello + Welcome!

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Thank you for your interest!  
Please note that all treatments are currently being offered in-person & remotely from Okinawa, Japan


Mystic Medicine Healing Ceremony - an in-person restorative experience

An in-person ceremony is 5 hours in a relaxing and beautiful sacred space in Okinawa, Japan

*Includes 1 night complimentary stay at a local Okinawan Inn surrounded by Okinawa's natural healing energies for integration and calm restoration following your treatment (food, transportation, and/or additional nights' stay are not included, but can be arranged).


A restorative healing experience for the heart, body and soul specially curated and customized for those visiting Okinawa. Includes a Reiki Tea Ceremony, Mystic Medicine Healing treatment, and a short walk to a sacred power spot by the ocean. Additionally, daily Reiki blessings will be sent throughout your trip before and after our meeting.  Can be adjusted for 2+ people.

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In-person session only (without overnight stay, etc.) in Okinawa City or Yomitan:

Treatment only 

First time 1.5 hr 


Returning 1 hr     


Reiki Tea Ceremony only

up to 15 people, 1 hr

$350 + $10/person

Treatment + Reiki Tea Ceremony

up to 6 people, 3hrs

$1,050 + $10/person


Mystic Medicine Healing - virtual



Distance Light Reiki session ~ 30min. - virtual

Relax at home while Reiki is sent your way to clear and realign your vibrational frequencies for your ultimate health, wellness, and highest good. This Light Reiki session is much like a Remote Mystic Medicine Healing Transmission with oracle cards + healing altar, but without songs or spoken transmission. Text or email communication is given before and after the session.


My signature spiritual healing that includes Reiki and shamanic healing for your ultimate health, well-being, and highest good. This session is given over the phone or internet.

$325 for 1st session (1.5 hr)

$250 for returning (1 hr)



Send Reiki to yourself or to others as a gift of love. Reiki is sent daily for 1 - 30 days consecutively. Ideal for when loving energetic support is needed such as with a health procedure, examination, important appointment or meeting, travel, moving, etc..

$8 per day


Enliven, relax, and heal your mind, body, and spirit in this community multi-sensory healing experience. This is a 3 hr. heart offering that begins with a warming Reiki Tea Ceremony followed by vibrant soul nourishing Mystic Medicine Healing for each and all.  

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*Private* Group Mystic Medicine
Healing Ceremony - virtual


A private group healing ceremony is a 3 hr. customized experience for couples, family, friends and business teams seeking to deepen heart-centered connection, up to 11 people. Kindly fill out contact form below to schedule.


Reiki Classes - 5 day Live virtual
& Healing for Healers series

Learn to heal yourself and others with a 5-day journey of the heart Reiki 1 class and/or join our Healing for Healers series for 7 months of restoration and care. 

More info 


Reiki Tea Ceremony - virtual

A 1 hr. heart opening ceremony that combines certain aesthetics of Japanese tea ceremony and Reiki healing, with the magic of community. Participants need only arrive with a fresh cup of their favorite tea in a seated position to be seen. 

More info 


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(Please fill out form below)

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* To request an appointment please include your desired day + time in your message. Kindly keep in mind that in-person sessions are currently being offered only in Okinawa, Japan.

You'll receive a response within 24 hours.


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