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1-day (& night) Healing Retreat in Okinawa, Japan

1-day (& night) Healing Retreat in Okinawa, Japan

After welcoming my most recent clients, a lovely couple from Seattle, Washington (who saw this rainbow right after their couples' session), I felt inspired and guided to share a little more about this in-person offering for inquiring minds.

I've traveled a lot in service to my soul, including coming to Okinawa, so something tells me those called to Okinawa for healing must be doing the same. I hope all those who receive a Mystic Medicine Healing here will be given everything they've come for, while feeling the blessing of the land and its people, and be enriched with Okinawa’s secret medicine of yasashii kokoro or kindness of heart for a happy, joyous, and healthy life.

So as I approach the end of my 4th year in Okinawa, I happily present this special offering of a 1-day (& night) healing retreat in Okinawa, Japan. This is a product of years of preparation which includes finding the perfect "just right" location for visitors to land. After years of searching and giving healing sessions from various spaces and locations in Okinawa I was at last guided to a local inn in a small village run by a kind and spirited Japanese couple. They built this house for visitors to come to be healed by the natural surroundings and be refreshed or brought back to life by the 'many winds' from the ocean. It's simply beautiful!

When I first came to the house I was nervous about my not very good Japanese and wondered if the owners would feel comfortable enough with me to let me rent space. To be honest it was an awkward introduction on my part, but the owners welcomed me in with a smile and served me cold tea as I made my way to their tree in the backyard to say hello to it as well. The feeling of "just right" kept growing each time I visited with my students, and finally when clients started coming from around the world it felt like me and the house had a good relationship going. It was happy to hold us all.

The cost of an in-person healing includes Reiki sent to you throughout your entire time in Okinawa, as well as one night's stay at the inn. Couples and group healings (up to 6 people) as well as additional nights' stay can be arranged. There are 3 rooms available (each with its own design aesthetic and special offering) and is very quiet and peaceful throughout the day and night. The owners live downstairs so you can sleep feeling well cared for. There's intentionally no wifi to help guests completely unplug for a moment (although there’s a cute health food cafe a minute walk away with free wifi).

Each Mystic Medicine Healing experience is 5 hours. We begin in the afternoon with a Reiki Tea Ceremony where the mind and heart begins to open and the experience of receiving Reiki begins. Then we gently transition into a healing session which is my signature weaving of shamanic singing, Reiki, and aligning the body with love. Afterwards I’ll share water medicine offerings I make personally with all grown in Okinawa ingredients such as wild cobalt blue flowers called butterfly pea, Ryukyu karaki, or cinnamon leaves grown in the Okinawan rainforest and shiquasa, Okinawan citrus fruit. I’ll also present a custom healing spray made especially for you beforehand with special holy water given to me by my teachers, oils, Okinawan sea salt and prayers. We’ll end with a refreshing walk to the ocean for a closing water ritual with the sea.

After a restful sleep a complimentary morning tea and coffee service with fresh fruit is warmly provided and served by the owners. For additional breakfast treats, there’s a local take-away bakery with artisan baked goods that’s a 2 minute walk away. It's *highly* recommended to bring back something of your choosing to enjoy with your tea or coffee. There are also a variety of healthy and tasty lunch and dinner options nearby within walking distance as well as a convenience store down the street (around a 7 minute walk) for late night snacks and drinks.

It’s recommended to travel to and from the inn by taxi if you’re not renting a car. There’s a bus stop nearby but it may be a lot if you’re traveling from the airport with luggage, especially after a long flight. I can go over everything with you to help make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible!

Your healing space is meant to be a sanctuary to feel safe and cared for so that focused and loving attention can ease-fully be received by the heartspace within. Everything has been chosen and offered with the intention that it be in service to your ultimate well-being and that you (hopefully) have warm unforgettable memories of your time in Okinawa. : )

If you’re considering visiting Okinawa and would like a healing session with me kindly fill out the message form on my homepage for availability and I will get back to you as soon as I can. It’s always a deeply joyous experience to welcome visitors to Okinawa, a complete honor in every way!

Even though this post is dedicated to in-person healing in Okinawa, like sending a text message, we don't need to be in the same location to give and receive Love! I also offer 1hr distance sessions over the phone world wide. Please inquire if you’re interested in this 1hr virtual Mystic Medicine Healing session or any of my other offerings: 30min distance Reiki session, daily blessings, or a Reiki 1 class to learn Reiki to heal yourself and loved ones!

Much Love to you on your mighty journey within <3

Recent reviews ~

"Reiki with Olivea

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to articulate my gratitude to you. I have never met someone who is so connected to her spirit guides, the universe and ultimately herself. Her ability to hold space for me, and heal things that I didn’t even know I needed healing from was astounding. It wasn’t until the days after, that I could truly have the self reflective period to realize how light I finally felt. As if I was breathing for the first time after years. She went at my pace, and heard everything i had to say with no judgement. She has the kind of soul that is truly pure magic. She makes you feel safe, while holding your hand to a better reality. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Okinawa and have her help me. I feel like it has resulted in a massive shift for me to go where I need to go in my life."


"I met Olivea back in 2016 when we were both living in New York City. At that time, I began my personal awakening journey. I was desperately searching for answers about what was happening to me, and that journey led me to Olivea. Olivea is an incredibly gentle, loving, and caring soul.

Seven years later, Olivea and I met again in Okinawa. Okinawa is one of the five blue zones in the world. My boyfriend and I wanted to visit Okinawa to learn about its culture and people. I didn’t know Olivea was in Okinawa at that time. Before our trip, I received a newsletter update from Olivea. To be honest, I normally don't read them. But I read that newsletter. It was almost as if a higher force was guiding me to meet Olivea. Everything unfolded according to its own timing.

My boyfriend and I had an in-person Mystic Medicine Healing Ceremony with Olivea. We stayed at this lovely and peaceful inn called Muchos Vientos. Olivea took great care of us and guided each of us to release and heal what we were ready to let go of. Our in-person reiki healing ceremony was filled with love and acceptance. Olivea, in her gentlest and most loving way, made me realize certain key elements that were critically missing in my life in the US. She didn’t give me a to-do list of XYZ. I gained those insights by simply observing and interacting with her.

That evening, I found tears rolling down my cheek. Normally, I would hide and brush aside those feelings. I decided to share it with my boyfriend. I told my boyfriend that I felt sad, but I didn’t know what I was sad about. My conscious mind didn’t understand what was going on, but my heart remained open to feel the emotions that emerged. When we bid farewell to Olivea that evening, we saw a beautiful rainbow over the sea. It was mystic and beautiful.

It has been two weeks since I had the Mystic Medicine Healing Ceremony with Olivea. I am back in the US. Internally, I am continuing to process and heal a myriad of suppressed memories and emotions that are being released.

Olivea and Okinawa taught me what I needed to learn and incorporate into my life in the US to live more aligned with my being. I became more aware of my life; I can’t list out everything here because the list is too long, but I want to share some of them.

- I find myself cooking, eating, and enjoying mostly vegetable dishes effortlessly.

- I find myself having more patience in getting things done one thing at a time instead of rushing to get five things done at the same time. As a result, I can concentrate better and complete my tasks instead of leaving them open-ended.

- I notice myself more when I am not fully present in doing something.

- Everything in nature has an inherent healing energy. If we can understand that and treat what we have gently and with gratitude, we can tap into that innate healing energy effortlessly.

- All food either heals us or damages us.

- Being present means putting your thoughts, care, and love into what you are doing. When you really put care and love into whatever you do, others can feel that, and it's very healing."



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