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Creating a Peaceful Space

I'm very grateful to be included in this informative article on Redfin blog about cleansing, clearing, and creating peaceful spaces: Heavy Energy Out, Positive Energy In: Expert Tips on How to Cleanse an Apartment and Create a Peaceful Space. In this article there's plenty of amazing tips for creating a peaceful space from an array of healers and wellness experts. I highly recommend giving it a read especially if you're moving into a new space, or even if you just want to allow more positive vibes and energy flow into your current home or office!

I remember moving spaces more times than I care to admit, from the frenzy of numerous military family moves throughout North Carolina and Georgia, to university years in California, and then to living and working in NYC for over 13 years, I've changed personal and professional spaces quite a lot. After the weariness of it all began to fade, and especially as I began my Reiki practice, I began to see new doorways opened and thresholds crossed as something meaningful and not so much something I was forced to do. This meaningful transitioning became a ritual of me walking, or consciously stepping, into a new stage of greater awareness, grace, ease, and expansion in my life. I also began to notice that each of my healing spaces, for instance, held a spirit all their own. Kind of like how when we take the time to get to know someone, we notice how unique and special they truly are.

As I write this I'm sentimentally seeing a picture book-like flashback of all the spaces I moved into and out of like some sort time lapse montage of me simultaneously growing and maturing as a young woman in the world as I learned about friendship, love, work, family, community and independence and how each space held me and my experiences in just the way that I needed at the time. And I recall with all the compassion now how each time I excitedly opened a new door, it was like bravely walking into the unknown; also how I full-of-feels, and with a different kind of bravery, closed that same door for the last time turning away from a micro life time lived. Spaces are so worthy of our respect, as shelter is part of our basic survival, we wouldn't be able to live well without them.

Spaces are non-judgemental and are open receivers, meaning they will respond to their inhabitants in any way we ask. In this way spaces are sacred, especially if we ask them to be or if we treat them this way. Since everything is vibration, including ourselves and the inanimate objects that surround us, we have the ability to set a tone for how we want our spaces to feel, and how we would like to be supported.

I grew up with a Japanese mother so per Japanese custom my family always took off our shoes at the entrance of our house. If a friend or anyone came in with their shoes on my mom was shamelessly quick to ask them to take them off. This wasn't normal for most Americans especially at that time and in the region of the south where we lived. I remember once an embarrassed and confused AC repair man, like a little boy repremanded, grudgingly undid the laces of his thick black rubber boots before entering our house even though he told my mom it would just be a minute. I felt his pain, but rules are rules man! Seriously though, in this way I learned from a young age to treat the home with care and respect from the moment your enter it.

And speaking of Japanese customs, if anyone has seen Marie Kondo's Netflix series on tidying spaces, you'll remember how she bowed to and introduced herself to each space to emotionally connect with it even before consulting with the family that lived there. This is an important symbolic gesture of respect but also of listening to the spirit of a space, like cultivating a relationship with it. If we let it, a space will welcome us into a new chapter of our lives and invite harmony into our homes (and lives) as well.

When moving into a new space, there are many ways to cleanse a space of any unwanted energy or vibrations from previous owners. People who are very sensitive tend to feel a heaviness in the air when highly emotionally charged people or situations have passed through it and will want to 'clear the air'. And there are many ways to do this, from the passing of sacred smoke of sage or other herbs along the walls, spraying water or esseintial oils into corners, playing a tuning fork, or even gently singing into the space. These ritual acts allow us to introduce our intention and personal vibrations into the space creating flow and peaceful movement.

Also, holding an opening ritual with intention when first moving in allows the space to get to know us and to understand how to best "hold" us. An opening ritual can be as simple as sweeping the floors or lighting a candle. When I moved into my dream healing space in NYC, the first thing I did before opening it to clients was invite a soul mate friend over and we shared warm tea and chatted and laughed and connected on a soul level for hours. It was like we were filling the space with warmth, sharing, laughter and love. And that's exactly what welcomed everyone who entered the space thereafter. I still hear stories from past clients and students who remember their time in the "treehouse" with a special fondness, and some still dream of it!

What's most important when creating a peaceful space is to choose a method of clearing that makes you feel good by doing it. I love the idea of house warming parties where we intentionally fill our new space with people we love and cherish and have a party! Even though it doesn't necessarily involve sage or tuning forks, it's one of the most spiritual rituals of space clearing there is. And quite possibly the most fun!

If you're still new to the idea of communciating with the spirit of a space, here are some ideas to help you feel more comfortable with it:

~ When you first enter a space, take a moment to be silent and allow your senses to open. Take in all the sensations that come to you without judgement. A space cannot hurt or harm you in any way. Simply allow your senses to inform you of the "personality" of the space.

~ Find the spot or area where you feel is its "center". This isn't necessary in the middle of a room. Allow yourself to be guided intuitively. I liken this to entering a NYC subway car or any public transportation where you have to find a seat or spot to stand fast. Somehow the body always knows where it belongs. Go to where feels right.

~ Bow your head, or do whatever feels like a gesture of offering respect and reverence. This might seem like a lot to do but remember that we are essentially introducing ourselves to the space as we would to someone we just met. Where you show respect is where you're respected in turn.

~ You can ask of the space for whatever you need. Remembering that whenever we move, we're essentially entering into a new chapter in our lives so taking a moment to consider, 'what does this new chapter mean for me?' can feel satisfying and meaningful. Perhaps you're starting a new family, or expanding your business, or are finally living on your own. Whatever this move means to you, remember it's a change for the best! Also, simply allowing yourself to feel all your feelings in this new space is also a ritual in itself!

~ Stay here for as long as feels right. Just like finding the "center", you'll just know. Trust yourself and how you feel.

As a Reiki master, sending Reiki to my spaces is a simple and lovely ritual that I continue to do daily to cleanse and realign the energies within my home and healing spaces. I like to find that "center" spot and sit there with the palms of my hands opened to the space and send Reiki to it until it feels complete (which is usually when a quiet smile forms on my face). Reiki knows exactly how to cleanse and clear everything from the furniture to the walls and windows, so I don't have to think about anything. It's a relaxing ritual that I love to do because it simultaneously resets my mind which I'm happy to receive anytime!

Whatever steps you take, remember there's no wrong way to creating a peaceful space. Follow what feels right for you. There are many tips and suggestions from space clearing pros on Redfin's article: Heavy Energy Out, Positive Energy In: Expert Tips on How to Cleanse an Apartment and Create a Peaceful Space to help you begin this exciting new journey. Have fun creating new and lasting memories in your new home!


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