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Womb Alchemy: Medicine Ceremony for Healing the Sacred Womb

I'm delighted and honored to share, this month I'll be a guest healer for the I See You Sanctuary! This virtual global community healing space (created by one of my advanced Reiki students!) welcomes folks of all walks of life and primarily serves those from African diaspora, indigenous, and LGBTQA+ folks.

This month The Sanctuary is dedicated to Womb Alchemy, with some highly potent offerings including a half day Inner Retreat this Sunday. I'll be offering a community Mystic Medicine Song Healing Ceremony on October 22nd @ 7p EST for Healing the Sacred Womb.

This ceremony is being graciously opened to the public so if you're interested kindly register over at @iseeyouwell or simply click this link + be sure to check out all their AMAZING membership offerings (free & paid plans available) and gorgeously made wellness products! 💫🧡


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