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Introducing the Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat

I’ve been looking forward to introducing the Amethyst Biomat into the office for a while now, and happy to report the Biomat is here! I don’t generally use products in healing sessions...I'm a bit of a purist and like to stick to the basics of massage table, my hands, and a whole lotta love. But I couldn’t be more thrilled about incorporating this product into all healing sessions going forward.

I experienced its unbelievable clearing & grounding qualities while working with a healer a couple months ago in Sedona and I was sure it would aid my clients’ sacred healing journeys as well...especially in New York City where we all need all the help we can get staying clear energetically, and honoring our bodies with constant TLC.

Here’s how it works...

Inside the Amethyst Biomat are tons of amethyst crystals which have natural healing qualities to help relieve stress and promote inner strength and peace. The amethysts work alongside the layers of the mat itself to generate far infrared light rays. These light rays create heat that warms the body from the inside out allowing organs, tissues, bones, etc. to naturally detox and rejuvenate. Far infrared heat is excellent for increasing circulation and relieving minor aches and pains. You'll find that it also enhances the body's natural ability to detox and heal on its own. Amazing stuff.

A natural tourmaline layer in the mat generates negative ions which feels amazing to the body’s biofield (negative ions occur naturally in nature...think waterfalls, forest, mountains, oceans..). It also has an EMF receptor that reduces electromagnetic waves around the mat and throughout the entire room.

SO basically it warms, detoxes, and boosts immunity in the physical body and clears, grounds, and strengthens the energetic body all at once. wowowowwow.

So far the feedback has been super positive. Looking forward to seeing you for your next session with the Far Infrared Amethyst Biomat!

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