Inviting Happiness into our lives with Reiki

As I've been meditating on the 5 Reiki Principles and continually sharing in these with my students, I've been connecting more and more with feeling simplicity and ease in my life. And I have to tell that living a life of simplicity and ease was at one time a far away and impossible dream. So simply feeling this way now is a big life accomplishment!

Today, as I was riding the bus I naturally started reciting the principles to myself and felt so happy as I did. I'm not sure what prompted me, but I found myself replacing the words "I will not" with "I will let go of (anger and worry)", and that felt so good. I think the meaning of "I will not" and "I will let go of" is the exact same, but for me one connotes a feeling of consciously releasing into the wind versus one of having to admonish myself for feeling a certain way. And this all felt like something deep down inside was becoming healed.

With Reiki, everything is simple, meaning it doesn't require us to be astute or strict with ourselves. We can relinquish all mental and emotional control over to Reiki and let it take care of us, as it always does.

Oftentimes when I'm feeling anxious or nervous, every possible solution to my problem I think up fills me with even more doom and gloom. But I've learned over the years that (especially) in moments when I remember to "reach for Reiki" instead of staying in a prolonged mental state of anxiety, I allow myself to access feelings of relief that I simply didn't know were possible.

Once when I was teaching a Reiki 1 class in NYC, I was feeling a very familiar state of being overwhelmed right before students were scheduled to arrive. I also remember the feeling of something inside of me (surely it was Reiki!) gently guiding me to sit down on a nearby chair, instead of nervously running around like I usually would, and I intuitively placed my hands on my forehead and temples. Immediately I felt the Reiki flow through my body like a gentle but powerful waterfall of energy and almost instantly all my worry about the day was replaced with calm, I dare say, like magic! I felt my entire self reset and very soon after as students started to arrive I was able to welcome them with warmth and love. And they felt it too, because after a very full day no one wanted to leave! lol I'll also mention that I felt better equipped to be present and listen to everything they had to say and share, intuitively knowing that was way more important than being mentally elsewhere preoccupied over details. Again, very familiar feelings of stress were replaced with extraordinary feelings of ease.

As we continue our Reiki practice by reciting the principles and placing hands on our bodies, and also giving and receiving sessions to and from others, we invite into our lives a possibility of happiness that can't be conceived or even perceived with our logical minds. But the more we re-enter the practice space, and the more we are able to simply feel better and witness our personal transformation, we can trust that other ways of being are possible and available. In this way we continually invite ever greater happiness into our lives.

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