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Healing Money Wounds with Reiki

Money can be a wildly intriguing and also triggering topic because our relationship to it is a very private one, much like the one we have with our bodies. Whenever I hear of some health fad or nutrition rule of thumb or 'no no' I also think, well that might or might not be true for some but only I know what works for me. So whenever I feel the need to seek out healing around the way I treat money I know there's something underneath the emotional surface that needs some attention and perhaps some tlc tending to too.

When asking for healing around our relationship with money, it's important to understand or just consider that it doesn't matter if we're wealthy or poor by society's standards, what matters more than anything else is our relationship with the money we have, and how we understand flow, the energy of life.

I once had a client who worked as an investment advisor for his billionaire boss in New York City. One day he shared a little about his job which was to ensure his boss didn't lose money and to find ways to make more. He said the fear of loss and the worry of not having enough was all his boss thought about, and I could hear the lack of life or zest in my client's voice as he spoke. I could also tell that because of my client's personal sensitivities he understood more about life and money that went beyond financial gains and losses. Then he looked at me and said, and trust me I'll never ever forget this, that I was a richer person because I genuinely focused on and appreciated what I had. And even though it was hard to digest at the time, I could also feel in my heart from years of actively healing my money wounds and cultivating a good relationship with my money that he was right.

When we can tap into the flow of energy in our lives, we begin to see how money is simply energy too. When we are doing things that we love, truly enjoying ourselves, and following our heart or sense of purpose we find ourselves in that blissful feeling of flow. What brings you a sense of flow? What things to do enjoy doing that when doing them you lose all sense of time?

For me because I'm a serious [chronic?] overthinker, when I move my body I'm literally forced to focus on something else other than my thoughts which is quite the relief! Anything from stretching to walking around the block and also to dancing in my room makes me feel better instantly (no matter how hard it is to switch gears sometimes) which lets me know that I've just allowed more flow into my life. What's something that you do that makes you feel better or lighter the moment you start doing it?

When I was in the beginning stages of my Reiki business an opportunity came to me to go on a vacation. I say this like it was a big deal because it was. I'd never vacationed before in my life. I honestly didn't know how to take time off of work to do nothing and relax... almost like it wasn't in my DNA so I didn't know how. But deep down inside I knew and felt that in order to bring more integrity into my Reiki practice and to be of impeccable service to my clients I needed to take some breaks every now and then. So I focused and brought healing to taking this vacation, somehow earning the money for it, and feeling good about taking the time off which also meant closing my business for about 10 days. And in an unbelievably magical way I was cast for a commercial (I wasn't an actress and hadn't auditioned, only some actress friends from my highschool in Georgia! who were also living in NYC had recommended me to the casting director because they were unavailable.. and everything just flowed) which gave me the amount I needed for all the expenses.

That experience was, to put it simply, a miracle. It helped me believe more in the energy of life and how when we show up to support our ultimate well being, we are always supported in all the ways we need. I also learned how money is here to help us live our lives in ways that are meaningful for us but it isn't the endgame. Living in the flow of life is the endgame. Sometimes when I send healing energy to things that I need (like that vacation), it's not always the money that turns up but sometimes the thing itself. Talk about being in flow!

"To be able to look back upon ones life in satisfaction, is to live twice." ~Khalil Gibran

Living and working in NYC for so long taught me about value and abundance and how to heal the parts of me that couldn't understand or accept these things in my life. And living in Okinawa has taught me more about respect and gratitude, and how to understand when being in the present moment, or surrendering to presence, is a faster and more powerful way to access flow than any act of will or 'taking' action. There's so much that healing our money wounds can teach us about living our lives fully. And vice versa, living our lives, following our hearts and doing what feels right for us can teach us how to have a better relationship with money. In much the same way deepening and cultivating our friendships teach us how to be better and better friends. It's all an act of courage to face the parts of ourselves that are asking to grow.

Ultimately healing money wounds with Reiki has taught me this one thing that feels better than being a billionaire. And that's living in a constant and dynamic state of flow with life, which is absolutely pricless!


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