Healing Money Wounds with Reiki

When our soul guides us to something with a cost, the money always comes (and sometimes it's already there, we just don't see it)! And I have experienced this over and over in ways where big money flow was required (hello living and working in NYC!), and the money always came, in the happiest and magical of ways too!

The real money healing of seeing, holding, and exchanging money as an energetic currency vs. a cold hard means to an end, started with Reiki.

The very first professional session I gave was in a rented room of a yoga studio in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. I received $60 from a happy, grateful and blissed out client and I received that happy money like I had never seen or held money before in my life. The exchange of those beautiful green bills for my efforts to give and share Reiki with another soul was unlike any other money exchange I’d ever experienced. It was all way too unreal. But there they were, those bills nestled so happily in my wallet like milk-fed kittens napping in the warm afternoon sun. You see, I was someone who’s wallet was terminally empty - cold - I lived paycheck to paycheck and was always worried about the future, about everything. So the sight of cash there, in my wallet, was gratifying, even surprising to my psyche, to say the least. Like this.. I later prayed to the universe, the Reiki gods, whomever was listening.. Like this… I want all my money to be received and to feel just.like.this. Warm and happy and full of love.

After that initial experience, I began with a goal of 2 clients a month and sent Reiki to this goal and to the clients. And each time, the same exact feeling. And then I eventually grew to 2 clients a week, and even expanded my presence to renting rooms all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. A healer friend of mine invited me to be a guest healer on his radio talk show and I even gave healings live and on air, while speaking! It was terrifying but also exciting because I was being guided to keep going, to keep expanding my reach and presence, to keep helping people, and to keep healing myself and my money wounds.

It was during this time that I learned about value, how to honor it in every way possible. I began to value myself and my services and in effect my life, in bold new ways. I began to understand the real need for rest and alone time after giving lots of healings. I even took my very first vacation to Puerto Rico. At this time I didn't know how to go on vacation, I didn't understand the energy of it, or how to relax without the guilt. It just wasn't in my DNA, that I knew for sure. I sent Reiki to this because an opportunity presented itself and I just knew it was important for me. And wouldn't you know it, I ended up being cast for a commercial (I had no professional acting experience nor did I even audition!) for a company called 'Empower' and was paid more than enough for the vacation expenses. (And was even paid royalties for another year after that!) This is what I mean by magical!

The reason for all this is that Reiki lifts our consciousness up and out of the relative world of stress and worry and into the absolute universe where source energy and Love reigns supreme. In this energetic space there's no worry and no stress because there are no problems whatsoever. In this space we get to experience in our cells this feeling of the absolute and the more we allow ourselves this "luxury" the more we'll be guided to "normalize" it within our relative world lives. For example, I started working full time with my Reiki business in 2016 so since then all of my income, every dollar in my bank account and in my wallet came from the same surreal exchange I described earlier. This became so normal for me to receive this "Love money" and with reverence exchange it for ONLY the goods and services that best supported my health and well-being that I very quickly was surrounded by only people and experiences that supported and served my absolute happiness. I mean!

When we understand and honor the value of goods and services and pay for them happily with money from the absolute universe as if we have nary a money worry in the world, we'll be guided to the next level of happy money'dom and be living a life of pure goodness in no time, all the time. Money from the absolute universe may not come from giving Reiki sessions to others, but it will always come from doing the very thing that aligns with our soul's growth. When we receive a healing or take a spiritual class or do anything our soul feels good about, we are acquiring the tools needed to understand what is right for us. And by paying for these things we energetically and financially support those teachers and practitioners who are on their paths which, with commitment, intrinsically guides us towards our own. In this way, we are showing the universe that we're serious about our happiness, and we are ready to receive!

Revering money as an emotional energetic exchange requires that we pay happily for ALL the things we need, everything our soul guides us towards, in order for more happy money to easily flow into our lives. For someone like me who was used to 'not having' it was an act of courage to go for what felt right, even if it made no sense to my family and others around me. We must give to receive, and we must receive to give.

Eventually, and quickly, I had my own office in lower Manhattan (no more renting rooms all around town), and then I had an even bigger and better office in Greenwich Village, and then I had the best office - the office of my dreams in the East Village! The prices of rent went up with each move but I was happy to pay because it meant my life was expanding and becoming the life of my dreams too! Again, no money worries, because what does that mean anyway? It means not worrying about money! The value of everything in my life went up too! I moved into my dream apartment in my dream neighborhood and I started taking vacations regularly, traveling around the world, on my own, any time I wanted. And I never rented out my spaces (office or home) while I was away and I never received any deals or discounts for anything. I started taking care of myself like never before, paying full price for products and services that helped me take good care of my energy, to ensure that my body and mind always felt cared for, like in the beginning with my money, ensuring I too always felt warm, happy, and full of love. Because when we really sit down and think about, isn't that true wealth?

And now I'm feeling and living like a wealthy human who has retired in her 30's. And it's not because I'm by worldly standards a rich woman who has amassed large material wealth. In fact all of my possessions are in a small storage unit in NYC and I live with the bare minimum here in Japan, still practically living out of the two suitcases I arrived here with. I feel wealthy because I'm surrounded by love everyday. I have amazing friends and family and the best clients and students who make my heart simultaneously sing and melt. I eat well and sleep well and take the best care of my body. Reiki continues to guide me receive everything I need, everything I value in life, everything that's important for my mind's growth and my soul's expansion and nourishment. And I continue to offer my gifts and talents in ways that feel joyous and fun. In short, I'm very well cared for by the absolute universe.

The main reason why I teach Reiki is to give others this tool that will easily yet powerfully heal our wounding across all timelines and realities, and will even change the very inner workings of our DNA. I invite just about every one of my clients to learn Reiki so they can heal themselves first, and be empowered when it comes to their health and well-being. When clients 100% rely on me to feel good it sadly feels so dis-empowering for them. I always want my clients to feel empowered after every session.

Additionally, Reiki invites us to be gentle with ourselves, and gentle with others, which is for many of us revolutionary. It prepares us for our chosen path in this life, by readying us for what’s to come, to receive with grace and the feeling of being supported from all around.

I’m a purist when it comes to teaching Reiki because it is absolutely sacred and should be revered and respected as such from the very beginning to understand it properly. But I’m also a modern woman with modern needs that change and shift more than I care to admit! So I love that Reiki is always there, like right there, with me every step of the way. It's ancient wisdom for the modern woman (& man)!

I’ve been able to ask Reiki to help me with just about everything ever, not just money, but also with things like loving my body, relationship dynamics, social anxiety, and even creating art. Basically whatever I need help with, I can ask Reiki to help me transform the hard and difficult feelings that keep me from moving forward into ease and flow.

So how exactly do we heal money wounds with Reiki? Well for a full on all around abundance-fy-your-life transformation, this is what I recommend! First, find the self-care activities, classes, healing sessions, REIKI -- anything that excites you and makes you immediately wish, "IF only I had the money to do THAT, I would feel so cared for!" And then either write it down on a piece of paper or create a money container, or an envelope with that thing written on it (Ex: Reiki Session with Olivea) and then bring hands over it and send it Reiki. Treat the envelope or container like a piggy bank and put inside of it any extra money you receive. Send it Reiki everyday, or if you don't have Reiki yet simply keep it somewhere where you see it everyday. Pay attention to how the money comes (because it always will) and how you feel every step of the way because this is money from the absolute universe! It's a gift! And when you've received the amount needed, and this is the most important part, book and show up to your appointment! Important step because even though it sounds obvious it can also be an act of courage and quite scary. I so understand! This is the beginning of a wonderful journey of healing and self-love/ self-care that will open your heart and guide you onward.

I've met with clients who saved their money just like this and when we met for their very first session they were already vibing so high! Remember: Anything we do for our spiritual growth and happiness will be supported by the universe. And spending/ dedicating money in this way will help us to feel so good in mind, body and soul and will pave the way for more good feeling abundance to flow into our lives. It will help us improve our overall relationship with money, understand value, and teach us the importance of sincere energy exchange. And don't stop with just one session or class, keep it going. Keep making it a priority to feed your soul and nourish your heart and mind, because this is how our natural gifts and talents reveal themselves to us! Keep challenging yourself to grow and feel better about yourself, and most importantly, keep letting Reiki guide you into the worry-free and financially abundant life of your dreams that awaits you!

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