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Visiting Dr. Mikao Usui's Memorial in Tokyo, Japan

Mystic Medicine UPGRADE The mystic nature of Reiki continues to astound me!

Since arriving in Japan my second pilgrimage to a sacred site here in Tokyo was to Dr. Mikao Usui's grave site and memorial stone in Suginami. It was overcast all day and by the time I finally arrived, the temple grounds were completely empty and it felt like I was entering into sacred space.

I paid my respects and as I was doing so the clouds parted and the sun shone so brilliantly on the spot right where I was. It became so hot all of a sudden that I had to put my hair up, which I very rarely do these days, and mosquitos were hungrily circling me so I had to wrap myself up with my scarf. As I was communing with Dr. Usui I had an impulse to ask Dr. Usui to send Reiki through me so it can be shared with everyone through a photo. The energy transmission was so powerful my eyes started changing shape and size and I felt my being shapeshifting. This is a common occurrence for me when I'm working with clients so it didn't feel abnormal in any way. I just wanted to mention it here to highlight what takes place as I channel healing energies for myself and others.

I took some photos and as I looked at them later I hardly recognized myself. It was an initiation into more expansive mystic medicine offerings.

I'm so grateful to Dr. Usui for dedicating his life to living, teaching, and sharing Reiki with as many people as possible. He's a great teacher of Reiki and I'm proud to be a humble student of this way. I wept in gratitude for the privilege to have made it this far and prayed for his same courage to keep going.

The memorial by his grave was so big, about 10 feet tall! It was erected by his students in 1927 and on it is an inscription describing him and his life's work. I couldn't read it all but as I gazed at it I noticed some characters that I recognized like those for "great", "heart", and "Reiki". The inscription is basically what's taught in Reiki 1 classes, but here in public for all to see. The memorial is a beautiful testiment of his students' devotion to their teacher and this beautiful healing modality he brought into the world.

The large kanji at the top of the memorial reads: "Memorial of Usui Sensei's virtue." Here's a translation for some of what is written:

“Someone who studies hard (i.e. practices meditation) and works assiduously to improve body and mind for the sake of becoming a better person is called "a man of great spirit." People who use that great spirit for a social purpose, that is, to teach the right way to many people and do collective good, are called "teachers." Dr. Usui was one such teacher. He taught the Reiki of the universe (universal energy). Countless people asked him to teach them the great way of Reiki and to heal them. Reiki not only heals diseases, but also amplifies innate abilities, balances the spirit, makes the body healthy, and thus helps achieve happiness.

To teach this to others you should follow the five principles of the Meiji Emperor and contemplate them in your heart. They should be spoken daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.

1) Don't get angry today.

2) Don't worry today.

3) Be grateful today.

4) Work hard today (meditative practice).

5) Be kind to others today.

The ultimate goal is to understand the ancient secret method for gaining happiness (Reiki) and thereby discover an all purpose cure for many ailments. If these principles are followed you will achieve the great tranquil mind of the ancient sages. To begin spreading the Reiki system, it is important to start from a place close to you (yourself), don't start from something distant such as philosophy or logic. Sit still and in silence every morning and every evening with your hands folded in the "Ghasso" or "Namaste". Follow the great principles, and be clean and quiet. Work on your heart and do things from the quiet space inside of you. Anyone can access Reiki, because it begins within yourself!"

Afterwards as the sun continued to set and was no longer blazing I quietly made my way out of the temple grounds savoring every little detail of the neighborhood that welcomed me as I walked.

Next I traveled to Harajuku, Tokyo. This is where the Meiji Jingu Shinto Shrine is which is dedicated to the Meiji Emperor, and the place Usui Sensei established his first community Reiki clinic in 1922.

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