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Post Song Bath Self-Care

Whenever we come together in sacred ceremony, we energetically bring with us and share the teachings and medicine we have within, and similarly we receive from others what we need for our own healing and soul restoration. During our Song Baths, I'm constantly in a state of awe as I hold space and witness profound release and opening in the collective and among individuals. I also see the loving support exchanged between people's higher selves. So much goodness happens just by being...exactly as we are.

I invite you in the days following a Song Bath to rest and take good care of yourselves, as much as you can. Whenever we engage in healing work on the soul level, much gets shifted around and rearranged for our highest good. So a solid self-care routine will help the body feel grounded and safe as the etheric body continues to release toxins and restore the physical and emotional bodies to wellness. I've created a list of self-care practices to help support and further invite in this process to wholeness. These practices aid in:

Sealing in your light, nourishing your etheric light body, creating safety for your nervous system especially while you sleep, keeping your chi flowing, and keeping energy centers open to continual receiving.

Drink plenty of water

The element of water is the element of cleansing and initiation. As your cells begin to vibrate at a higher frequency, a lot of water is used up within the cells as they work extra hard regenerating these higher frequency cell bodies. By continually replenishing your body with water you are also giving your cells the fluid and "permission" they need to continue high frequency regeneration and detoxification. Try adding a splash of lemon juice to your water to make it more alkaline, but not necessary.

Rest & Relaxation

Tune into your body and notice when you need extra rest and relaxation. The body's parasympathetic nervous system works much like a tidal wave that retreats back into the ocean. The PNS is the digest/rest part of our nervous system's functioning that keeps us at ease and feeling rejuvenated. It's important to honor the body's need for R&R, so tune into when it's needed most and relaxxxx.

Cleansing Salt Bath

Salt is nature's element for detoxification and restoration. Follow this recipe to cleanse and restore the etheric and physical bodies and for gentle grounding:

1 - 2 cups of epsom salt

a handful of fresh herbs carefully broken up (I like to use lavender, sage, rosemary)

a few splashes of Agua de Florida (can purchase at almost any yoga studio or online for less than $10), or juice from half a lemon

*optional: 1 - 2 cups of coconut milk

Stay in for no longer than 20 minutes, or else you will re-absorb what wants to leave! If you're into ceremony, I suggest lighting a candle, smudging your space with palo santo first, and offering a blessing to the water before getting in. What I mean by offering a blessing is setting an intention for how you'd like the water to support you. Ex: May this water cleanse my body and mind of any toxins and negativity and bring me into my calm center.

Be Outside

Surrounding yourself with nature and all it's natural glory will help raise your vibration and support any processing your body may be undergoing. Notice how you feel being around flowers and plants. 2nd option: buy flowers and bring them into your home. I currently have 2 dozen white roses in full bloom in my room and it feels so nourishing. :)

Essential oils & herbs

During the Song bath I used essential oils to aid in the body's opening and receiving of the energy medicine. You can continue to nourish yourself in this way. I used oils of palo santo, lavender, bergamot, and rose. You can spray a mixture of oil and water in your personal space, put a few drops into a diffuser, or just inhale from the bottle at your leisure. If you don't have oils at home, use anything with an aroma that you like. I cooked with some rosemary last night and held onto the stems all night, constantly inhaling the herbs' natural aroma, it smelled so good!

Keep Breathing

When you feel lost or sad or a bit out of control, always return to the breath. The breath is our anchor into our bodies and our being. It's always there for you, as a life preserver and a friend. Here's a simple breathing exercise to help you come back into center.

Take a long, slow, and deep breath in, feel it rise up from the bottom of your belly, up through your torso, surrounding your heart and up to your collar bones, and then slowly breath out. Do this 3 more times. Remember: Long, slow, and deep. As you continue to focus on your breath, feel into the sensation of it, and say to yourself: "I love myself exactly as I am" and "I approve of myself". If you can, put your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your tummy as you do this. Repeat until you feel calmer and better.

If you're called to receive a private session with me, it's like receiving a personalized Song Bath. I'm available throughout the week at my Greenwich Village office. Email is the best way to set up an appointment.

Warmest love warmest love warmest love,


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