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Icaros Medicine Film for Healing a Broken Heart

This 2nd Icaros medicine song film is for Healing a Broken Heart 💚💔💚

oh my lovelies I am with you on this one, right beside you, as heartbreaks are so sad but actually rites of passage unto true love. If you have experienced this or are going through a heart break now then please know that you are a true warrior of the heart. We can only know true love when we have mastered heart break. What does it mean to master heart break?

Well firstly, it’s a knowing that we are more than our tenderest emotions. In fact, we are unconditionally loving beings of pure light with the understanding that any ending is actually the beginning of something deeper, something more. Any Heart medicine healing will bring you closer and closer to this belief.

We have mastered heart break when we are willing to have our hearts broken over and over again, however many times it takes, to truly open to love. I hope this heart medicine icaros film will bring you the relief, hope, and courage your heart needs to continue to heal and to open.

All my love dearest ones💚

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