Sound Bath Vs. Song Bath, What's the Difference?

Some have asked what makes a song bath different from a sound bath? A sound bath is a form of sound therapy or healing, which utilizes the frequencies of instruments to align frequencies in the body into harmony and pure resonance.

A song bath utilizes the same constructs, while including the added component of body-centered energy healing. In short you’re being worked on the entire time by me and my assistants in the room, at a fraction of the price of a private session, but with similar effects/outcomes.

Here's what participants are saying about their song bath experiences:

"What an amazing blessing. I attended Olivea’s most recent Song Bath for the first time, and it was truly special and so magical. I brought my friend and husband, and we all had a wonderful experience! We’re all eagerly awaiting the next one, we do not want to miss it!
Following the Song Bath, I felt so much lighter, and much more tuned in. It wasn’t as easy to go into my old victim stories and boring frustration stories, etc.. Overall, I still feel freer and happier and even when I just look at her website, I get more healing coming in from the top and the back of my head. THANK YOU. Olivea’s healing is so so so lovely and just what I need to keep my mind and body clear and in alignment for myself, my family and friends, and my customers. I cannot wait til next time! :)
Thank you Olivea for such a beautiful, profound and healing experience. I have so many people in my life who are going to want to experience this type of healing. I can't wait to share it!"
"A wonderful and unique experience! The Song Bath was a relaxing, inspiring and healing experience! Olivea's Reiki and singing were wonderful and she was thoughtful and caring, providing individualized attention to each of us. Thank you!!"

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