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Reiki Rx for Super Immune Response

Reiki Rx for super immune response: This Reiki Rx was carefully created with the intention to bring greater harmony into the bodymind in order to activate stronger immune system response, balance cortisol levels, and increase IgA and oxytocin response rates. The Reiki hand positions bring focus to the primary areas of the immune system where the exact chemistry our bodies need for ample health are produced. The areas of focus are: The hypothalamus and pituitary glands, lymph nodes, bone marrow, thymus gland, spleen, and blood.

As ever, please continue to take preventative measures to keep yourself safe by remembering to wash hands and gargle after coming home each day. Only, when you do, do so because you want to take care of yourself vs. from a place of fear of infection. Wellness is a frequency. Take plenty of vitamin C and drink water.

If water is a challenge to drink, I recommend making yourself a pitcher of strawberry water to drink throughout the day. Not only is this water tasty and refreshing, but the water will pull vitamins and minerals from the strawberries creating a natural mineral water supplement for your body’s cells. Try adding mint and lemon for further detox! How to make strawberry water: Cut 2-3 strawberries into quarters and add them to a pitcher of water. Store this water in the fridge and drink throughout the day for up to 2 days.

If you’re Reiki attuned, may this be a gentle reminder to continue giving yourself a full Reiki self-treatment everyday!

This is an excellent time to receive energy healings as well. Energy healings directly increase immune system response in addition to it being a big act of care and love to yourself. I highly recommend distance healings at this time as it will reduce stress levels that come from commuting to and from your home.

I’m currently giving distance healings from Okinawa, Japan and am sending Reiki to those who request it, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Reiki Rx for Super Immune Response Say these affirmations out loud to yourself: I AM A BEING OF LIGHT and LOVE I AM FILLED WITH HARMONY and VITALITY MY BODY BECOMES HEALTHIER EVERYDAY MY BODY PRODUCES THE MEDICINE IT NEEDS TO BE HAPPY, HEALTHY, and STRONG You do not need to be Reiki attuned to send yourself healing. Simply imagine white light moving from your hands and filling up your body as you place hands. Keep hands in each of these positions until you’re “inspired” to move onto the next one. Reiki Rx Hand positions 1. Both hands on top of head 2. Both hands on the back of the head cradling the cranium 3. Both hands on the sides of neck between earlobes and base of neck. 4. Both hands on tops of shoulders 5. Left hand on thymus (above the heart center which is in the middle of the chest), and right hand on heart center 6. Left hand stays on thymus, and right hand moves to the spleen which is located on the left side of the body under the left breast 7. Both hands on rib cage under the breasts 8. Both hands on back of pelvic bone region about where the kidneys are located 9. Both hands on the groin making a triangle shape around the pubic bone 10. Both hands on thighs Do this once a day, everyday. ❤️

LOVE, Olivea

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