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7 Days of Reiki for $7

Happy 2020!

Most times it's a challenge to give ourselves the kind of healing and wellness we deserve due to busy schedules and lack of funds..

So to support your new year of limitless expansion and abundance, here's my gift to you:

7 days of Reiki for $7!

Here's how it works: For $7 I'll send you Reiki for 7 days consecutively around any request that you may have for yourself. For example, perhaps you'd like Reiki sent around a family gathering so that it's filled with love and lightheartedness, or maybe you'd like to feel a greater sense of love and acceptance towards yourself. Or maybe it'll be simply comforting to receive healing from a Reiki Master Teacher. I'll be offering this service until the end of February 2020 so if you'd like it to be sent for a longer amount of time that's completely fine. It will simply be an extra $1 for everyday of Reiki. So in summary, here's how to receive 7 Days of Reiki for $7...

  • Send $7 via PayPal or Venmo (@Olivea-Shure)

  • Email your blessing request

  • Receive Love :)

I've been offering this service for a couple months now and the response has been wonderful! I hope you'll gift yourself some love, whether it be with this service or something else!

Much love to you!

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