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Award-winning Holistic Medicine Practitioner for 2019

New York Award for Holistic Medicine Practitioner

I'm delighted to announce that Reiki with Olivea has been selected for the 2019 New York Awards in the category of Holistic Medicine Practitioner!

After five years of holding it down in downtown Manhattan, it's with a heart full of gratitude that I dedicate this award to all my clients, students, colleagues, friends, and teachers who have gathered and supported this collective journey into higher consciousness in the concrete jungle. To be the love, to bring the peace, and to receive both in turn, is how this little spiritual-based business grew and grew in NYC, and now continues to thrive in the world!

And there has been no better training ground and teacher than New York City. Here are a few "city healing hacks" I learned along the way that helped bring light and power into my bodymind, especially when times got tough...

~ Tight spaces teach us how to be more mindful and honoring of the spirit of every little thing.

~ Loud noises like jackhammers or sirens can be turned into shamanic tools that clear negative thoughts and energies from the mind. Simply know what you want to clear.

~ Everyone is a representation of some aspect of us, whether it's an aspect we'd like to acknowledge or not. It's best to love everyone, and in this way we also send love to neglected aspects of ourselves that needs attention and gentle loving.

~ Our bodies know when it's time to go to nature for reflection and also when it's time to sit with others and listen to the cries in their hearts. Both require we be quiet and listen.

~ When in doubt choose solitude. Not all places and people can properly support us in being our best selves. It's been and continues to be my blessing to be of service to you! On this Thanksgiving day, I'm grateful to be on this planet with you!

- - - THANK YOU! - - -

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