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Okinawa water ritual + Ceremony

Hello and happy summer! This is a gentle reminder that this month's Medicine Song Healing Ceremony will be held this Sunday June 24th @ 7pm. I learned from my recent trip to Okinawa, Japan how water ritual brings the mind and body to a place of peace as it cleanses our minds of negative and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. And when we live in peace we radiate warmth and truth wherever we go naturally providing healing for everyone and everyplace.

Sacred water has the innate ability to reconstitute the water of our physical bodies into a higher vibration of wellness. This month's sacred water ritual is designed to cleanse and activate the physical and light bodies to bring you clarity and luminescence. So to cleanse our minds and reveal our peace (and to welcome summer!) I'll be incorporating Okinawa-inspired sacred water ritual into this month's Medicine Song Healing Ceremony. After all, sun and water help us grow! There are still a few spots available, please click on this link to reserve a spot or contact me directly. Space is limited to 15 people. XO Oceans of love, light, and warmth to you, Olivea

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