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'Olivea Medicine Woman' - New Dance Film

A new dance film titled 'Olivea Medicine Woman' has just been completed by documentary short filmmaker, Catjia Rehkamp! We filmed it throughout Manhattan, mostly in the lower east side. One scene was filmed on Delancey Street by a stranger who happened to see us in passing. She thought the movements had a daoist quality and decided to capture it in slow motion, and of course Catjia and I were elated when she and her friend approached us with the footage.

The dancing isn't just a body in motion, the dancing is a body moved as a vessel for healing. What I mean by that is this: Everything you see here are healing transmissions. This means that high frequency light power energies are being channeled into my body and into your bodyas you watch! To explain a little further...You are here reading this now for a reason. The reason is that you are meant to. The same goes for when you actually watch the film. There are healing transmissions in there that are specifically for you. You will know you're receiving them by the way you feel. You will feel moved, and in that space, energies within you will begin to shift for your greatest good. Enjoy it! YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. :)

I danced to silence, or rather to the sound of my own breathing and the sounds of the city, no music. The music came after. Catjia was first going to overlay my medicine singing but ultimately decided on using the track "Love Within" by Tina Turner, Regula Curti, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Sawani Shende. I personally love Tina Turner. Her music was a constant in my household growing up since she and my family practiced the same self-transformation philosophy with the Soka Gakkai International, a grassroots Buddhist organization for world peace. Also, because I grew up in the bible belt in the south, I loved listening to gospel music and especially loved Amazing Grace. So the fact that Tina Turner sings it in "Love Within" had a personal effect on me when I saw and heard the final product. I'm very happy with how it all turned out.

Catjia's dedication to this project and her vision was and still is nothing short of extraordinary. SHE TELEPATHICALLY DIRECTED THIS FILM. The only times we actually spoke during the filming was when we were transitioning locations, but even then we mostly didn't talk. I just followed her and started moving when everything felt right. I can't really say enough about this collaboration. I'll just leave the words for now and end by saying that I'm beyond grateful for this gift and thrilled to now be able to share medicine dance as another offering of healing.

This is from her website:

"Olivea Medicine Woman is a Reiki master, shaman and dancer from NYC. She channels such light and love that being in her presence is transformative and healing. But when she dances she is pure spirit. When she dances her movements transcend any culture and tradition. We see her bring forth indigenous truth and healing into the modern world. Through her dance, she makes this medicine accessible to anyone seeks it. Her power shows through in her movement quality. At times she's inwardly fierce while being outwardly gentle, and vice versa. Her healing is like a sharp knife that cuts through negativity and fallacy with one stroke and her dance is like masterful calligraphy.

"Love Within” Buddhist, Christian and Hindu prayers featuring Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Regula Curti, Sawani Shende-Sathaye added in post is an emblematic and exquisite mantra of unconditional love."

"Olivea Medicine Woman" airs Saturday 10/28/17 @10am EDT / 10/31/17 @5pm EDT and 11/2/17 @9:30pm on MNN2 channels Spectrum 56 RCN 83 FIOS 34 and livestream on

I hope you enjoy this dance of love.

An ocean of warmth to you,


Film by Catjia Rehkamp @DocumentaryGirl #catjianyc

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