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Winter Solstice Icaros Ceremony on 12/21/17

Warmest greetings to you! The winter solstice on 12/21 is almost here and I'm over the moon delighted to announce that our last medicine song ceremony of the year will be on this date! We will be welcoming in and integrating the *humongous* portal of light energy that will be pouring into the earth on this day. Along with the seasons, all solstices are turning points for us as ever-evolving beings of light, to continue to change and deepen. This evening's sacred space will be held to carry energetic transmissions into our light bodies to further anchor us into 5D consciousness (& beyond), and to gracefully close this last cycle of healing and soul upgrades of 2017 to welcome in this new season and easefully turn to the new year. It will be an intimate circle (maximum 11 pple) at Love Child Yoga in the West Village so if you're called to attend please don't delay to reserve your spot. This will be a very special solstice healing circle and will fill up fast! Details:

Winter Solstice Icaros Ceremony

THURSDAY December 21st, 2017

7 - 8:30pm


Looking forward to sharing in sacred space as well as the beauty, warmth, and nurturing of pachamama's healing song.

Medicine updates: ~ Last month I was honored to be a guest healer on Steve Nobel's Soul Matrix podcast, from across the pond! I spoke about my journey as a healer and icaros singer in NYC. You can have a listen here. I very much respect Steve's work and highly recommend checking out his INCREDIBLE affirmations, meditations and energy transmissions on his YouTube channel if you have a chance. (And if you're a fan of "the Queen's English", as I am, your ears will be very happy, as well as your soul. :) ) ~ As many of you know I'm moving my practice into a new space at the end of next month... still looking at spaces and hope to update you with the new address as soon as possible! ~ Also, I'll be teaching more Reiki classes in the new year! Reiki is a primary component to the medicine work that I do as it helps the nervous system calm down and relaxes and opens the body for spirit medicine healing. It's an excellent way to deepen your spiritual practice(s) and/or to start a new one by giving Reiki to yourself daily. Reiki is a part of a complete system of spiritual practice for living well. If you're new to spirituality and/or feel you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening, this class may be for you. Classes are held in safe and sacred space, filled with teachings for the mind, warmth for the heart, good food for the belly, and cheer for the soul. :) Stay tuned for more info about upcoming classes! Wishing you very happy holy-days and a JOYOUS new year! Much love and light to all! Olivea

*opening image: "Everything Exposed in The Light" by Jeffrey Smith

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