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Guest healer on Steve Nobel's Soul Matrix Podcast

'm sooo honored to have been a guest healer and share my icaros on Steve Nobel's podcast today, from across the pond! You'll hear more about my journey as a healer and establishing my practice in NYC as well as receive a free remote healing transmission for overcoming fear and anxiety.

Because fear and anxiety runs rampant in our society, this low vibratory energy can unfortunately very easily take root in our bodies and minds causing distress, pain, and even illness. Instead of looking outward with anger toward "the man", I suggest going within and strengthening the very foundational workings of what makes us us. Connect to your heart and you will always be guided by love. The best medicine for strengthening this heart connection is feeding the body with the vibration of love and joy. Love and joy will overpower and transform any lower vibrations instantly bringing you into more openness, trust, and overall health and wellness.

The medicine songs in this podcast carry transmissions from different dimensions and you'll receive the medicine you need to transmute any fear and anxiety as you listen. What you'll experience in this podcast is very similar to what you'll hear and receive in a remote session with me. If you're curious about remote healing and medicine song transmissions feel free to contact me through the website.

Steve's an author, book mentor, and spiritual coach, as well as a great resource for all things starseeds and ascension into the 5D. He also offers Soul Matrix healing sessions and free transmissions on his YouTube channel, which I highly recommend!!! So grateful!

Hope you enjoy the podcast!

Much love and light ya'll!


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