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Pathway to Enlightenment

So much BEAUTIFUL light in the office today!

Healing with light is such a special experience for me as I come to understand more and more that it really is already within us. As we continue to awaken to our inner light, we awaken to our truest selves, and in effect feel (and look) more vibrant, healthy, and BEAUTIFUL.

When I call in the light of Source for healing, it feels like I'm tapping at a window asking for a meeting of Light of Source without to meet the Light of Source within. Each hole or place of wounding in our fields, while being a bit weakened, holds the least amount of resistance to this light entering. Think of it like the window being unlocked so it's very easily opened.

Wounding of any kind provides for a wonderful opportunity of opening to our higher selves, to understanding our already-enlightenment.

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