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Using Reiki to Get Ready for a Trip

Here's a Reiki tip to help you prepare for an outing like dinner with friends, a vacation, or even a walk around the block. This is especially useful if you're feeling any sort of anxiety, or just want to bless the experience itself.

💟 Before leaving your home (you can even do this the night before); connect to Reiki by bringing the palms of your hands together in prayer position.

💟 When it feels good for you, release your hands and either create a ball in between the palms of your hands or simply hold your palms out in front of you and imagine sending Reiki outward.

💟 Begin to imagine the place you will visit later on. If it's a restaurant or cafe, imagine the table you'll most likely be sitting at, the food and drink you'll order, the people you're with, etc.. Or if you're traveling you can imagine sending Reiki to the car you'll be driving, the road conditions, airport staff, etc.. and allow Reiki to surround everything you imagine. You can even send Reiki to the emotion of the experience itself - for it all to be guided and *kissed* by Reiki.

💟Once it feels complete (I generally sense completion when I notice that I'm naturally smiling or I gently exhale, but its different for everyone) bring hands back to prayer position and offer your gratitude to Reiki.

Hope this is helpful & Enjoy!



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