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Opening the door of possibility within your heart

"The moment you accept what troubles you've been given, the door will open." ~ Rumi

I took this photo as I was exploring a remote island on my own the other day. I love being alone because I get to communicate freely with the nature and environment around me in ways I simply can't do when I'm with others, no matter how much I enjoy that too. Being alone is simply a gift from life. And I don't mean being a hermit or recluse from society, I mean choosing quiet time with my own heart.

I happened upon this sacred shrine and noticed the way the sun shone upon the gate or entrance to it. It felt very meta and multi-dimensioned, like stepping through a portal into another life altogether. The moment in all its warmth and magic led me to wonder if that "other life" isn't just on the other side of a gateway in our own hearts? Like seeing these things like doorways help us to envision what a doorway would look or feel like within. I thought about what I'd like to "step into" from that moment onward... like in what ways would I'd like to improve myself and do better in my own little world?

If you think about it, every hardship we encounter is helping us evolve and become a more beautiful being in the world. This is has been happening for millions of years, each lifetime being a little better than the last. From this perspective, we are living our best life yet! I think it's important not to worry or complain, but say 'thank you' as much as possible; primarily to ourselves for our courage, to the universe for supporting us, and especially to those who have been hurtful because they help us become compassion incarnate.

So I thought about how I'd like to be, said it quietly under my breath, smiled at yet another discovery of how simple it all is, reveled in the beauty of the sun, forest, stone gate, the stairs, and entered into this beginning.


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