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Honoring the Maestra

Hello, This is a gentle reminder that this month's Medicine Song Healing Ceremony will be held this Sunday April 29th @ 7pm, on the night of the pink scorpio full moon! This ceremony will be dedicated to my beloved teacher and shamanic mentor, Maestra Olivia. She was killed outside of her home in Peru last Thursday by one of her students. Her death is a terrible loss for the Shipibo-Conibo community in Peru, but also for the world. Upon hearing her icaros, or medicine singing, for the first time one year ago, I knew she was my teacher and I had to be with her. I traveled to sit with her and spent time with her family in the Amazon learning about the way of the shaman. Throughout this year she has continued to train and strengthen me and my icaros, and now she lifts my icaros into a higher dimension altogether. Maestra Olivia ushered into my life a profound time of training where I not only received teachings, I received lineage. She's my family and I will miss her very much.

So with her sudden loss, I humbly dedicate this Medicine Song Healing Ceremony to my Maestra, and to her leadership as a deep divine feminine force of nature. And as deeply rooted as she was, she was also very innocent and sweet, and giggled a lot! She was, and still is, the epitome of love and light fully embodied. If you feel called to attend this ceremony, please follow this link to reserve your spot (space is limited). A large part of the proceeds will be donated to her family.

May you fly! In love & light, Olivea

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