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Happy Father's Day!

TONIGHT we honor all the dads for a very special & very relaxing Song Bath ceremony in Tribeca! We invite you to join us tonight 7-8:30p at Element- Center for Daoist Arts for a soothing experience for the heart and soul. Doors open at 6:45p, and we begin at 7p. More info in the link below 👉🏻✨ You'll be bathed in song and healing while your body is immersed in deep relaxation. Many liken it to listening to lullabies for the soul as their bodies and minds drift off into a space full of comfort and love. Our fathers are always alive within us, and as we offer deep care to ourselves, our fathers are automatically embraced in care, love, and healing as well. Contact us at to reserve a spot. We look forward to welcoming you in sacred space. Happy Father's Day to all! With love & light, O

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