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The BioMat is a revolutionary FDA-approved wellness device that generates far infrared light (FIR) heat technology discovered by NASA, negative ions, and the natural healing and conductive ability of certified amethyst crystals for deep cellular rejuvenation.


These therapeutic components work together to supercharge the body’s immune system and open the capillaries to speed up the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins and metabolic wastes. Delta waves are induced creating better communication between the brain and body, further activating the body’s self-healing power.


Unlike other heating devices, the presence of amethyst crystals allows for the FIR to penetrate the body by up to 6 inches rather than 2-3 inches without it. The crystals also organize the FIR into geometric patterns for higher bioavailability. With continued use, the Biomat allows for a vast range of healing benefits:


  • Strengthens immune system

  • Improves recovery time from injury and surgery

  • Improves blood, lymph and qi circulation

  • Improves arthritis and digestive disorders

  • Can provide lasting relief for insomnia, fibromialgia, anemia, restless leg syndrome, headaches

  • Improves circulation and cardiovascular function

  • Improves skin and elasticity

  • Relieves body pain, and stiffness

  • Enhances mood

  • Reduces stress and exhaustion

  • Removes toxins and assists in detoxification

  • Helpful in treating cancer

  • Burns calories and boosts metabolism

  • Heightens meditation



The BioMat also produces negative ions which naturally occur in nature, especially near waterfalls, forests, and oceans. Negative ions alkalizes cells for deep relaxation within the mind and body promoting sharper mental activity, overall vitality, and increased serotonin for better moods.


Within the Biomat’s controller is a built-in EMF blocker that controls electromagnetic fields (EMF) produced by electric appliances. By blocking electromagnetic radiation from sources such as wifi, cell phones, and blue tooth devices, your body is able to further ground and self-heal.

45min session: $55


3 session pkg: $150 ($50 each)

5 session pkg: $225 ($45 each)


10 session pkg: $400 ($40 each)

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