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Reiki Rituals for Feeling Good and Healing the Emotional Body

Recently a few of my students have remarked about how they've forgotten about their Reiki box rituals and would like to get back to them. Reiki boxes, at least how I teach them, is all about instilling good feeling into a box, and when we send it and everything inside it that represents our prosperous and abundant futures Reiki, we feel so so good.

When I first started teaching about Reiki boxes, I was deeply inspired by the Abraham Hicks concept of when we focus on feeling good, everything else changes for the better.

In my earlier years of Reiki practice the simple act of feeling good often felt like an enormous mountain to climb, and also simultaneously a revolutionary way to heal my emotions and nourish the connection with my innocence and inner child. So as I continued to give and share the good feelings of Reiki, to myself and others, it became helpful to make the little things that made me feel good (like Reiki) into a ceremony, or a ritual of feeling good. And these rituals became a kind of devotional practice to honoring the emotional wholeness I knew was somewhere inside buried under all the pain and sadness.

Rituals are so amazing because all they require are an intention (in this case ~ to feel good) and an action. For example, I love going out and finding the gorgeous flowers in Okinawa just to look at them. I love the way that simple act makes me feel courageous, and so bright and vibrant inside...almost like the flowers are reflecting their essence back into me. That's a ritual of feeling good. Creating mini rituals of feeling good like this for myself fills my heart with childlike wonder where everything becomes new again, and life becomes an adventure.

So for my students who are finding their way back to their Reiki box rituals, and anyone seeking emotional healing, here are some of my personal rituals of feeling good. I hope they might inspire other creative ways to heal your emotional body and also reconnect with your innocence. :)

~ I whisper "I love you very much" into my water as if I'm whispering it into the ear of my inner child. Sometimes I get close and even cover the sides of my mouth when I whisper into my water like it's a happy secret just between us. If you've ever read about Dr. Masuru Emoto's water experiments you know that water has memory or consciousness that directly responds to the emotional vibration we imprint upon it. So when I speak to my water lovingly like this and then proceed to drink it, I'm intending to bring this deep expression of love into all the cells in my body.

~ I also write the word "LOVE" on little labels from the dollar store and stick them on my pitchers or bottles of water. Simply seeing this label before proceeding to reach for the water does something mysterious and wonderful. I swear I can feel my heart smile every time.

~ Everyday, I go outside to find a new wildflower to bring home and place on my altar. My intention here is to remain respectfully connected with the land and to invite it's medicine into my living space. And before I pick the flower I first ask it if it would like to come home with me. In exchange, I admire and adore it completely. And everyday my home GLOWS!

~ When I'm out on one of my solo walks, and find myself alone in the forest or by the sea, I'll hum or sing my heart's song. My intention starts out as an offering of song to the nature spirits, but it always turns back around and becomes a blessing. I know this because the natural world ALWAYS responds and sings along with me. :) (You can listen to my most recent one here).

~ Paying close attention to my sleep practices. It goes without saying that sleep is so important for our mental and emotional well-being. I'm sure we all know how too little (or too much) sleep can greatly effect our moods and behavior. So before I go to bed I'll send Reiki to my bed surrounding it as if it's in a giant ball of the sweetest energy, asking Reiki to please help me have healing dreams and a sound sleep. And sometimes I'll even imagine my bed as a huge lotus flower. Because I can and it's fun!, I'll enter the lotus flower bed lair by reverently "climbing through" and entering the Reiki force field that surrounds it. I'm giggling just writing about it because it feels so amazing and good! It's a true gift of self-love! I invite you to try it too!

So these are a few (of my favorite things lol) of my daily rituals of feeling good. And as a Reiki Master I'm so used to it that I automatically infuse every ritual with Reiki because (do I even need to say it?) it feels so so good. What are your rituals for feeling good? I'd love to hear about them! :)




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