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Alexandra Frean, the Head of Corporate Affairs at Starling Bank, told us that there “needs to be a much wider conversation between the banks”217 regarding what role they can play in assisting the Gambling Commission and customers in preventing gambling on unregulated, offshore online sites Lloyds Banking Group informed us they had not been approached by the Gambling Commission regarding blocking unregulated, offshore gambling operators.

To ensure that the implementation of online stake limits does not lead to increased unregulated offshore gambling, the Government and Gambling Commission must work with payment providers and banks to establish a scheme to block payments to such operators. Speed of play limits 190. Associate Professor Charles Livingstone from Monash University, Australia, told us that alongside consideration of the other structural characteristics, Gambling Related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group, ‘Latest News

Written evidence from Lloyds Banking Group (GAM0120) “From a harm prevention perspective, gambling products with slower event frequencies are likely to be less addictive.”219 Speed of play is widely recognised as a factor in gambling-related harm, but as with the other structural characteristics research is limited. Despite this, it is clear that “rapid and continuous forms of gambling are often associated with gambling- related harm.”


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